Are You Leaving The Catholic Church Over A Nasty Experience?

I remember years ago going on radio and elsewhere arguing with others that they shouldn’t leave the Catholic Church over the actions and nastiness of a few clergy and laity. I still think my argument retains it’s validity however lately I’ve had a hard time swallowing my very own pill.

I just can’t seem to integrate into any parish at all. I can’t seem to like any of the priests, the people they hire or some of the laity. In the beginning I noticed that when I was single, my prayer life was stronger and as a result taking insults and enduring the worst of Catholic priests and theologians was easy. When I got married however, my prayer life decreased and as a result I reverted much to my worldly ways.

Even though my intellect still retained the idea that we shouldn’t allow the nasty actions of some to determine the church we attend, it was impossible to think this way. I snapped one day when I emailed or called the local priest about baptizing my first born Christian. He gave me a number to call and every day I called it but it just rang out. No mobile phone number no nothing. I became frustrated and so I called up Fr.Serge from the Greek Catholic church and he agreed to baptize them.

Those of us who leave the church or avoid it based on a bad experience is to be understood simply from the perspective that we’ve been brought up in a society that makes decision based on our emotions rather than eternal truths. For example abortions often occur because of anxiety, fear and pressure rather than the eternal truth that this is an innocent human life. Getting rid of this conditioning is not the answer understanding it for it’s true worth is better.

As I said earlier about understanding that leaving the church based on my emotions isn’t good yet everyday I suffer a deluge of attacks and temptations to indulge in those emotions and walk out the door. I almost did, I began attending the Orthodox Church for a while and even came out on this blog and spoke about my apparent conversion to the Orthodox church.

Isn’t that strange? What, you mean you know that it’s wrong to leave the church because of how others treat you yet….you want to leave the church because of the way others treat you? My answer is yes as St.Paul said himself he often knows its wrong but still finds himself doing it. It’s the human condition and living with it isn’t easy.

When we leave a church it’s often because the actions of a few have really hurt us. We tend to go where we feel loved because the world told us that we need to feel loved in order to be happy even though that’s nonsense. It’s important to love others not be loved by them. When we are not being loved and accepted by others there is nothing but unrest and anxiety.

It seems like an impossible task and it kind of is which is why at least understanding that the need to be loved by others is ridiculous is better than total blindness to it altogether.

It’s not fair to lay all the blame on the people though. When dealing with worldly people who are still fragile in the faith and don’t really have a grasp of the eternal truths I have to show the utmost compassion to them. They’re victims but they’re salvation isn’t determined whether they get the spiritual life or not either. The decisions we make and how we treat others will not go unpunished by the Lord unless we repent of them.

As Catholics we have to be careful about how we treat the person who knocks on our door. This person might be considering the Catholic church or looking for some comfort. He may have a disability we don’t know about and have suicidal thoughts and when he knocks on the door of a Catholic Church perhaps just as someone looking for a few pound or other and we are nasty to him, that can have an effect on him.

He won’t show it to you but he’ll walk away and it will add to the stress of his day. It could be his tipping point never to darken the doorstep of a church again and whose soul do you think will be set on fire for such an outcome…his? not at all.

If you’re a person who has been considering leaving the Catholic church because of a bad experience you’ve had, welcome to the club because everyday I wake up and think it’s a miracle I’m still here.

I don’t like Catholics at all, I’ve been to youth 2000 retreats, sat with clergy, went to bible groups, rosary groups but I just can’t deal with these people and I get much better treatment and conversations from atheists, secularists, agnostics, prostitutes, drug dealers and petty thieves.

This is why I distanced myself as of late from the church. Over the past 8 years I’ve built for myself my own spirituality that is still in full compliance with the church. I go to mass every Sunday even though it’s a chore and I don’t enjoy it because of what it’s become. I have my icon wall at home which I sit in front of and the saints keep me company especially Saint Mary and Saint Paul. I pray daily and have my own devotions.

I go to confession once a week and have become immune now to ”it’s not a sin my child” and ”here’s a link to meditations by richard rohr” and I just endure it to get the benefit of the Sacrament. I’ve already broken my hand writing letters to bishops of complaint and not receiving replies to the point where I just say ”It’s your hands now Lord, I’ve done my bit and sure we all know the end of the story…you win”.

Whenever someone knocks on my door with an invitation to go to church meeting or retreat, my answer is always a resounding no. I could honestly do without that headache.

If ever you do see me at one you know my wife has dragged me kicking and screaming.

So if you think you’re having a hard time staying put in the Catholic Church come on around to my house and have a chat with me. Why do I stay? because I’m very difficult person to get rid of which is why I’m such a successful sales man hahahaha. I’m extremely loyal person too. When my girlfriends mother in Scotland told me I had to leave her house, she thought I’d go home to Ireland and leave her pregnant daughter and they’d be in peace and so she could get her to have an abortion because I was standing in the way of all of that.

One day I walked past her with a tent under my arm and she was speaking with the local vicar. Her face went red as a cherry when she asked ”and where are you going?” ”I’m going to pitch this tent in the wilderness some miles outside the village and I will walk 8 miles into work every day.” She was so ashamed and she pleaded with me to at least rent a room from her posh friend but I refused for months.

People came to dissuade me from living in a tent and that the harsh winter would come and flush me out of it. But I didn’t move. eventually I came back to the village though.

So once I pitch my tent I’m not easily moved and I’ve pitched a tent in the Catholic Church and even though I don’t mingle with Catholics I stay for Christ sake and because my conscience just wont allow me to go anywhere else just now. Jesus said those who endure to the end will be saved and I intend on doing just that.















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When Darkness Is Illuminated By Light

A woman close to me had lived for 25 years in a marriage of darkness, that is to say atheism. He was a complete and extreme atheist/secularist with no religion in him at all.

Recently he was caught having an affair with another woman who continued for four years.

Now he’s gone and we encouraged her to go back to confession and back to Divine Liturgy.

Today I saw her at mass with one of her children. The Second reading of Ephesians 8-14 and the Gospel Of John about the Blind man born that way from birth. I couldn’t resist but feel as if the Lord was speaking directly to her ”8 You were darkness once, but now you are light in the Lord; behave as children of light,”.

She lived in darkness for many years through all that atheism. I felt as if the Lord rescued her in some way. Not that Our Lord wants to see marriages fail and she did everything in her power to save the marriage but the affair continued.

Sometimes Our Lord removes people from our lives for our own safety. It is necessary that this happens but I do believe that God used this opportunity to shine a great light into the midst of such darkness to rescue this woman and her children whose souls have been deprived of Christ and his Church all these years.

Marriages are doomed to fail when God is not at its centre. Where there is no God, there is nothing but unrest in a marriage. Without a proper understanding of love beyond the realms of the flesh and that which we’ve been taught by the popular culture, our marriage becomes the playground of the demonic.

What happens most marriages is that spouses become bored with each other. Their false understanding of love as led them to fall ”out of love” with someone.

When we fall in love with someone according to what we think love is, we are saying ”You suit my shopping list of desires and wants. I would like you to be my vehicle of gratification now for the rest of my life. When you no longer become the vehicle of my gratification I will trade you in for another ( known as falling out of love).

Therefore we go through life thinking we love our wives, children, friends and so on. But like the blind man in the Gospel we never really see each other and only what we can get out of that person. This is what’s known as living in darkness. That isn’t love, you’re only in love with yourself. True love is when you see someone for who they really are, not what you imagine them to be.

How can husbands love their wives? By first discovering who they are. If I were to ask you who you are, what would your response be? I am a man. Nope didn’t ask you what your sex was. I am a plumber. Nope didn’t ask you what your profession is. Who are you? Suddenly when you run out of answers you begin to realize you don’t actually know who you are.

Once we discover who we are and who Christ is, we then give him a chance to illuminate the darkness within us that we may be able to see clearly the people in front of us. Then only then can we begin to love our wives when they get fat, go bald, no longer able to have sex because they had some sort of accident. When these things come, that’s when the true test of whether or not you love someone will present itself.

The vows at the altar are nice aren’t they? ”through rick or poor sickness in health” but I’d love to hear more than just that. Maybe they should add ”When he’s a big belly and loses all his hair, when he loses all his teeth and becomes a drug addict” and so on.

That’s what love is, most people run to the altar with stars in their eyes especially the women. Oh I’m gonna have my babies and big house and dream home but when the ridiculous image they’ve created of marriage in their heads doesn’t reflect the reality of what they experience several years down the line, all of a sudden now they fall ”out of love” and become bored and begin to literally lose their minds and commit adultery searching for their need in other men or vice versa with the man looking for his wants in other women.

You see in the midst of all of this running to exchange vows God is not at the center because he can’t get in there’s too much ”ME ME ME” and ”MY WEDDING, MY BABIES, MY CAR, MY JOB, MY HOUSE”.


If your marriage is going down the toilet as long as the marriage is valid, then do everything in your power to discover yourself and Christ. Love is not just an experience, it is an eternal truth that is only found in the living of the Sacraments and life of the Church.

Don’t allow Darkness to pervade your marriage and wait for a light to come. Become the light now.

God bless


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The Night I Nearly Died On Drugs

I’m a business to business sales man. One of the businesses I canvassed was in my old estate where I grew up. It was a youth club I attended from the age of 13 through to 16 years old.

It was established in the attempt to keep working class kids out of trouble. The good were mixed with the bad and anybody could come and go.

I hadn’t really been inside of it since. It was always known as ”The Club” or ”The house” but now the police have taken over and so it’s very controlled. Only kids who get in trouble with the law are sent there and they’re only allowed in for a year.

As I came up the stairs and into the room on the second floor, I had a major flashback of the day I swallowed an enormous lump of cannabis on my own. No yoghurt, no sprinkle of the coffee, I just took that thing and chewed it and swallowed it whole.

An hour later I arrived at the usual time to the club. Nobody knew exactly what was wrong with me but I recall bushcraft lessons were taking place and knives were being used. I was so stoned that I couldn’t even function at all.

If my memory serves me correctly, I got up to leave and one of the lads had to be taken to hospital because he accidentally cut himself with the knife. I met him in the toilet and laughed at his misery.

As I left the house to go home, I remember a guy called Mark who stood there with a hot cup of tea. He laughed at me and threw it all over me and to their surprise I didn’t feel the scalding pain.

I kept walking as I knew I wasn’t right, I thought I needed to sleep it off so I struggled to get home. I went straight upstairs and into my bed.

As I lay there, my heart was racing, my stomach felt so heavy as if there was a brick inside of it. A voice of inspiration ”Get up, tell your dad everything and get to the hospital.”

I was so weak, I sat up on the bed and with my foot, banged on the floor. Eventually my father heard the faint bang of a foot from below and he came to me. I told him I needed a doctor I swallowed a big lump of hash.

As I could not walk I was dragged up the corridor ahead of the queue as I was an emergency. In that queue was the boy who had cut his hand waiting to see a doctor.

I was screaming as I knew I was going to die so I was panicking. The doctor was an indian doctor. I will never forget the look of fear on his face when he saw me. Struggling to understand my English or slang for Cannabis I lost all patience with him.

Everyone stood around the bed as they watched me squirm around in pain and panic. Then the doctor injected me with something and all of a sudden like a fire mans hose I vomited an incredible amount of blood.

It had transpired in later tests that the lump of cannabis I swallowed grew to the size of a big potato in my stomach.

In it only 5% of cannabis was found. Tests later presented to us that rat poison, VIM bleach ( which gave it the yellow color you often see with cannabis ) among other household chemicals were found in it.

The cannabis was also microwaved prior to me buying it to give it a bigger appearance than it already had. Doctor at the time explained that had I laid in my bed and fell asleep instead of seeking help I would never have awoken.

That night I remember only my mother putting on my socks to keep me warm I was shivering. I laid in the hospital bed and at around 3am a nurse came in to find me sobbing. She whispered ”He who never made a mistake, never made anything”.

When I came around to it and a week later was out of hospital, I remember coming back to school with an empty bag. I just showed up to economics class and I was marched straight to the principal office who was a new guy and he told me to go home and don’t come back I’m too long out of school to be accepted back in.

I left school that day and I never came back. We tried another school but they rejected me as well. I never had the opportunity to finish my leaving cert and got a job working in tescos.

It was an amazing sort of flash back of all the fun and games had in that youth club. You may think my behaviour on the street signaled someone who the youth club obviously didn’t work for but it did. If it wasn’t for it I’d have ended up worse.

I never touched drugs again until I went to Scotland years later where again I fell into a hole of my own digging. I was on my way to total destruction but it was at this point Jesus stood in and decided he’d had enough.

At what point did Jesus stand in when your life was going on wide path to destruction? Let us know in the comments below.



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Learn How To Debate Like St.Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas

When debating someone I’ve always used this method as an aid to helping me overcome my opponent. It works really well and I learned it from Thomas himself. Basically he instructs us to meet the person on their own ground when they make an accusation.

I’ll give you some examples.

Atheist: You can’t prove God exists and all you’ve got is faith.

Christian: You can’t prove God doesn’t exist and you’re a man of faith also.

Atheist: Religion should be taken out of Catholic schools and taught at home.

Christian: Atheists should take their kids out of religious schools and give them a religiously deprived education at home or take them to another school that is ”atheist”.

Atheist: My taxes shouldn’t fund Catholic schools

Christian: My taxes shouldn’t fund schools deprived of a religious education fair is fair.

This kind of debate is called diffusing the argument by placing a mirror in front of them so they can see they are a reflection of their own argument. As a result you defeat them on their own terms with the same argument only mirrored back at them.

It’s not the only method of debate and can form part of the argument whilst throwing out a few statistics afterwards. For example with regards to schools again:

”My taxes shouldn’t fund schools deprived of a religious education fair is fair. By the way statistics show that in Ireland atheists only make up 5% of the population. This proves more religious are paying more money for these Catholic state funded schools and so the so-called secular state with regards to the funding of schools is actually a religious one. ”

You see how meeting them on their own ground was also mixed up with some statistics also? So it forms part of a debate and I thought it would help you when debating someone in future.

Debate is my least favourite part of my faith but lots of the saints were called to do it and so being a good debater is a vocation. St.Paul was considered the first really great debater so you should begin with him when learning.

There are more tips I have. I’ll save these for another post.






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What Happened The Person I Once Knew?

If you’re a Christian convert to the Catholic faith or other perhaps you’ve had this thrown at you from your family or an old school friend.

It is said that when you become a Christian…really …really…become a Christian and there’s a radical change in you that takes place that this somehow means you’re no longer the person you used to be. That is true in part but I don’t like to use that phraseology because it determines that somehow I’ve gone beyond ”normal” and I’m not mentally stable.

I prefer to say that I am not a new person nor am I different. I am the person I was always created to be. I have not gathered anything new but have simply come back to my senses.

I’ve had it said to me to by my brother who laments my conversion to the Catholic church ”Oh I just want my brother back, give me back the Stephen I once knew, the hard rocker who was good at his craft”. When someone says this to you it is because your new self brings to surface all that’s wrong within them and so the reactionary and passionate pleas usually have their foundation in a sort of insecurity about themselves. Pride restricts them from admitting this.

Also did you know people create images of you in their head and it’s these they fall in love with and want to desperately hold onto not ”you”?. Have you ever met an old school friend from years back only to discover they’re not the same and bubbly person you once knew? You immediately say ”ah this person is no longer the outgoing person I once knew, I’ll not be hanging out with them anymore.”

Your memory of that person stuck with you didn’t it? That fun and outgoing person now has a completely different outlook on life and is no longer the party animal. You thought you liked that person didn’t you? of course you didn’t, you only liked and fell in love with your own drawing of that person not the person themselves.

This is what we do, we use people as vehicles of gratification. We carry a shopping list not of people we love but personalities we want to hang out with and it’s these we fall in love with not the person. We never ever see the person, only what it is WE love and WANT in that person to suit ourselves.

So when you hear ”What happened the brother I once knew” or ”the person who was so normal and liked by everyone” what you’re actually hearing is ” I don’t actually want you, but the personality that once fitted my personal tastes and brought me satisfaction. You’re no longer a vehicle for my gratification, you have become useless to me now.”

Remember, if you’re a Christian but people still like you, it probably signals you have one foot in the world and one in the church. You have not yet fully committed yourself to Christ. Not only should your old friends hate you and avoid you altogether, but even Christians and religious clergy should also despise you.

The more hated you are the more and more likely you’re doing things right. So when someone says to you ”You’re no longer the person I once knew” take it as an absolute badget of honour, take it as Christ himself speaking to you directly saying ”You are on the path to Salvation and these rebukes and all this hatred is my gift to you, to sanctify you even further”.

People ask God for all sorts of crap. But rarely do we see the gifts that really matter.

Your persecution is Gods gift to you. Ouch, I bet it hurts to hear that but there’s no victory without Cross, none no matter how big that Cross is or what manner it comes in.

God bless



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Recognizing The Devils Voice

When we think of hearing the devil speak, exorcism of the extreme form come to mind where the victim is possessed entirely. This kind of possession is rare and it’s rare for a reason. It’s rare because it’s of no use to the devil. Even though his hatred for us is so strong and he uses this rare tactic to intimidate the faithful, it’s not his most strategic move for reasons that it makes him too obvious.

The best way he can cause more destruction is through the subtle voices of the ignorant population from rich to poor. He uses them or rather they quite willingly offer themselves to the cause without never knowing who it is behind the curtain pushing all the buttons.

There are days when I think about what the best gift one can ask for from the Holy Spirit. Although asking for the Grace to Love is always top of the agenda there is a grace important to navigating this life. I’m going to say two things here but I feel they are one and the same. These gifts are ”self awareness” and ”Discernment of the Spirits”.

Becoming aware of ones own spirit is important if we are going to discern other spirits and because its a grace it can’t be learned and learning is useful but only has it’s limits.

Without self-awareness we become a blind guide to others.

The devil is crafty and always likes to let you know he’s around especially when you know most of his tricks and he knows that you know he is there.

I was sitting at the bar one night on my own having a beer watching TV and I’m in a bad mood when in walks a man in his mid 50’s. He strikes up a conversation with me, has never met me before but very early in my conversation he says ”I notice you don’t curse, are you a Christian?”

It was at this point the hairs stood on the back of my neck a little. Why. you might ask would you that happen, after all he’s just a nice man who asked a simple question right? It is because what I heard was the devil and I knew where this was going.

I never allow anyone to know my conversion story outside of the walls of the priests or religious and even them there are some who it is spiritually too much for. I don’t do it because it’s spiritually too much for the average joe and citizen to handle and you always end up looking like a nut case. However on this particular night he caught me in a rough mood.

He pressed me to explain why I’d ascribe to Christianity what was my conversion. So, instead of giving him the short version I give most people, I gave him the long and detailed one. I get to the real spiritual bit and that’s when the devil couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Out of the man spewed nothing but anger, hatred and curse words. Every obscenity. A nice quiet and well composed man suddenly turned into a monster. In the midst of his angry and incoherent rant he said ”Fuck this where was God when my mother was suffering and dying?” and he started to scream it was so strange and then he screeched and run out of the pub.

It was wrong of me to tell him my story and I probably upset Jesus greatly over it as with people like himself he is so loved by God that my little short version of how I converted would have done him more good than my longer one. Milk before solids and I knew all this but I was in a bad mood that evening.

Anyway although we hear the devils voice in the clamor of the abortion activists and politicians who despise the faith this was an example of how the devil can be more hidden in every day conversation always looking to trip you up and cause as much hassle as he can.

So discernment of the Spirits is something we should ask for every day because he attacks the praying Christian, the one who struggles to live his faith. This kind of person has thousands of demons surrounding him pulling him this way and that whereas the ignorant person who doesn’t need religion requires no demons at all as he’s quite happily given himself over to Satan.

That said it’s very important not to be going around listening out for the Devil all the time. Discerning the spirits also means listening out for God too and knowing when he is speaking. Nobody ever gets it right 100% and no matter what spiritual level you may be on even all the holy prophets and mystics of the church will tell you that they don’t get it right all the time and often made a bad decision assuming they heard God in some way.

Discernment of oneself will lead to discernment of the spirits. Ask for the Grace of both self-awareness and discernment. You won’t regret it.

God bless.










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Traditionalist Catholics Are Becoming A Pain In The Butt

There are three groups in the church today who make up the Catholic family.

These groups consist of the right-wing fundamentalist like Michael Voris and life site news for example who are the religious police and go around nit-picking at every detail bashing people with their religious stick of zeal and the law.

I like Michael and I hate to pick on him because his conversion story is very inspiring, but he is the perfect example of someone who has gone ( or is still experiencing )  an epiphany and when the dust settles you end up where Michael Voris is now going around publicly flogging every single Christian who steps out of line. If he catches a bishop eating meat on Friday during lent he makes a public video out of it that’s just how tasteless the whole public flagellation of clergy is. But you can’t tell him this. That’s the thing, you cannot talk to someone in that state and can only wait until the grace of God snaps them out of it.

It sounds like he’s ( Michael ) a kind of Ignatius of Loyola who himself was without spiritual guidance and exhibited the same behaviour. That’s what traditionalist/fundamentalists are. They are people with great intentions but without a guide and so the devil bestows upon them the evil demon known as ”The doctor of the law.” Oh you mean you’ve never been a victim of this demon before? He’s been around centuries.

The doctor of the law is a self-styled canon lawyer who knows every canon, every paragraph in the catechism and every liturgical rubric you can think of. Oh and he can’t get enough of theological courses and has to obtain every BA and MA you can lay your hands on because he’s on a spiritual mission to battle the evil in the church and so it goes and has went for centuries. He thinks this all glorifies God but it more or less glorifies himself.

If he see’s you even step once out of line he will emerge from his cage, beat his breasts and tear his garments before you so concerned he is with saving your soul.

Anyway, that’s one group out-of-the-way, a group I sympathize with because their reaction is towards the menacing Progressive group who seemed to have complete reign over every facet of Liturgical worship in the church.

No doubt you know what’s coming next. The progressives who have more than just a loss of guidance but whose actions exhibit a complete lack of the Spirit altogether. I’ve been there, sat in on the theological courses myself and walked out of them. I left a course and forfeited my fees and I’d no job. I’d no time to listen to that crap because I came for a Catholic education and got an Anglican one.

This group is a real pain in the butt because they really honestly think their modernity is so appealing to the youth and really cool. If anyone has ever been to their ”prayer” meetings one can see it’s far from it and is the most cringing experience you will ever encounter.

The charismatic are so liberal in their theology that when I see them speaking in ”tongues” I often wonder the validity of such gifts and if they’re actually really blessed with this gift or just another bunch of self inflated egotistical misled souls.

I don’t know. Maybe God gave them this gift and is just patient with them and their ideas that women can be priests and contraception is a fine thing?

Look! both of these groups are viciously opposed to one another yet have a shared hatred of Pope Francis. The progressives try to twist what Pope Francis says to suit themselves and use him for their end goals and the traditionalists do the same. They’re both the same side of one coin.

Both of these groups want change and that change must result in what the church should look like from THEIR perspective but dare it be anything to do with what the Holy Spirit wants, only what they think the Holy Spirit wants.

There is a third group. I call this group the ”Well…balanced…Catholics”. These are the ones busy trying to navigate the narrow path and gauntlet of the left and ring wing trying to pull them over the fence to join them.

It is so hard to fight the spiritual battle presented before us without having to experience the utter drivel from these blind guides pushing their agenda and grabbing souls to join their crusade against church authority and all things Pope Francis ( and that hatred of Authority will change depending upon which group ascribe to.)

Who is the well-balanced Catholic? It’s hard to describe them. They are the ones who are usually more modern than the modernist and always more fundamental than the fundamentalist.

Posessing the wherewithal to make the right decisions because they’ve either had the right spiritual guides or been purposely preserved by the Holy Spirit from making these errors. These Catholics are the true warriors of the faith who have not allowed themselves to fall into the hands of the devil who wears a great mask to disguise his heinous little ways. He decieves even the most elite minds of the church (tertullian to name but one) that’s how crafty he is.

So how do we fight these groups. How do we stand up against this tyrannical tidal wave of bad theology and personalities?

Irish Answer: A pint of guinness every day and the rosary.

The actual answer: You don’t stand up to them. You pray for them and you must above all WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION. Great advice from Saint Paul. work out your own salvation because you can’t save your neighbour if you are not in the process of getting saved yourself.

There is no need to start a video channel like Michael Voris or a news site like lifesitenews. All you have to do is go to mass once a week, pray your daily prayers, go to confession once a week and avoid all the clamour of both groups. If that means unfriending every single religious person on your facebook whose profile pic includes an image of Mary, Jesus or the local Bishop then so be it. But do what you can to preserve your peace because if you’re not at peace then you’re prayers are troubled and if your prayers don’t reach God then the whole world goes belly up.

God bless and please pray for me.











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Protecting The Innocent

I went to the barbers today with my 5-year-old (soon to be 6-year-old) son. As you can imagine it’s a place where men go to sit and immerse themselves in the manly atmosphere of male conversation. A few ”fucks” and ”shit” and ”bastard” thrown into the melting pot of language always being the norm.

My wife sat there staring at the ground feeling so out-of-place. Popular culture was the decor of the walls in which every corner of the room was covered head to toe in images of musicians, artists and supposedly great philosophers of the 20th century.

In addition to this, like any good barbers or decent publican house you had the TV on the wall with the music channel on flow presenting all the popular music in the charts.

All of a sudden my eyes are drawn to the TV and I spot the club type music video with women dressed in almost nothing dancing sexually and rubbing their breasts. I casually looked away and back at my phone when I realized someone else was watching, my son.

He watched it and he winced with embarrassment and did not know what to do. After all he had never been exposed to a music video like this before in his 6 years of existence because there’s no popular TV or culture in my house today. We have a TV but we control what we watch. I shielded him immediately from it by talking with him and turning his attention to me for discussion.

There were lots of other kids there. To these kids however this type of thing is normal. Most 6 -8 year old girls and even younger would not be shocked by this because mommy watches these videos whilst she vacuums and tidies up the toys.

This is the highly sexual culture I grew up in myself. The predatory nature of secularism is so subtle and the philosophy so blinding. ”Ah sure what harm is it, I watched these videos and listened to this music and turned out ok”. You know, I believe them, but what about the others who were not so successful at navigating the liberal, secular, sexual predatory gauntlet?

Fact of the matter remains is that children’s innocence is being robbed from them. I am so sick of men and women lament that by sharing my faith with them via Facebook or on the street I am somehow forcing my religion down their necks. Yet here in front of my son and all around him (pics of celebrities striking sexual poses) a philosophy that is forcing itself into the doors of his innocent heart which seeks to corrupt his pure mind is imposing its views on me, my son and wife.

We are forced fed this garbage in public and protecting the innocent is made all the more difficult by the mere fact that we cannot walk outside our door without seeing some sort of drug, alcohol or sexual reference in adverts, graffiti, music or the general conversation of some at a dinner table whose language provides a less than desirable environment for children.

We have stooped lower than Sodom and Gomorrah that much is true, but we must do our best to protect the next generation from this filth. Don’t throw them into the gauntlet. Take them out of it altogether.

God bless



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Be Careful How You Behave With A Newcomer To The Catholic Faith


A person who is a newcomer to the faith has one big stamp written on their forehead and that is FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE.

Here’s my guide to newbie or revert to the faith.

Do not invite them along to a Charismatic meeting.

Charismatic meetings are all about a relationship with God and praising him which is great and I’ll revisit why this is important in a bit. However the whole speaking in tongues and things that go on there like many coming over to lay their hands on you may be spiritually too much for a  fish just fresh out of the depths of darkness in which his mind has been sullied and conditioned by secularist philosophy.

Like when you jump into icy cold water and feel the ”shock” you’re going to either want to get out right away …or…stay put and get used to it. Same happens when someone is exposed to too much spirituality. The devil uses this opportunity to suggest all sorts and will violently attack him. As a result of the attack a fight or flight response takes place and what I’ve found is the inevitable flight will happen and he’ll run a mile.

Remember beforehand to try to get a feel for his temperament when taking him anywhere. If you’re thinking of taking him to a prayer group full of intellectual yuppies who speak with a few ”marbles” in their mouth and he’s grown up in a poor area that’s deprived of this, then I wouldn’t bother.

Plunging him into such an environment the devil may suggest to him this is an uncomfortable situation and the church is full of these people only. You don’t want to end up like that do you? If change requires becoming like them then I’m outta here. All these conflicting thoughts will arise within him. He will feel terribly awkward to be succinct about it.

Therefore take him to a place you know he’ll be comfortable. If he likes rock music, you may think this will be a good environment for him in which there’s a retreat you know of that plays music he loves replaced with the words ”I LOVE YOU JESUS”.

Don’t do that because he may just end up hating the fact that you would use this music purposely to evangelize people like him. He’ll see through it and whilst you’re bouncing to the music and looking at him smiling, deep inside he is suffocating and can’t wait to get home.

Take him to a monastery or retreat where there is Gregorian chant or byzantine chant instead and at the very least choral music. This music is neutral. It’s why most public elevators play classical music, because it’s generally something everyone can appreciate and the music fits within the context of who the church is.

Don’t have spiritual conversations about the churches social teachings or at least try to avoid them. Often newcomers who like the idea of Jesus and going to church are still trying to reconcile their belief in gay marriage, homosexuality, sex outside marriage and contraception with this new-found environment.

Because it’s been so heavily programmed into him by the Film, government, and media industry, it’s not easy letting go of this and beause it’s the last thing he’ll let go of, its the first thing we should avoid talking about.

This leads me back to what I said earlier about revisiting the relationship with the Lord. It is more important that you try to get the man you’re trying bring back to church develop a relationship with the Lord first. why? because you always become what you love. When I was first coming back to the faith I thought masturbation , sex outside marriage was fine. One could be a Catholic and have a healthy belief in these things.

However, the more I developed a relationship with God through the Sacraments, prayer and listening to the priests homilies the more I began to Love God. The more I began to love God the more his teachings made sense. Why? because Love for God brings with it a response of Grace necessary for conversion.

Remember that until we are dead to ourselves we are not converted. Until we repent with hot steaming tears of our sins and no longer cry for our own sins but for Jesus crucified on the cross THAT is when conversion takes place. therefore leave the intellectual battles out of it if you can help it.

A new comer says to you ”So I think its ok to masturbate I mean it’s not much of a sin”. Right ok so he’s cornered you. but there is a way out of it. I simply respond. ”I understand why you would feel this way, and many others do, but just keep going to confession, Mass and praying the rosary whenever possible and sure that will suffice for now.”

I always try to avoid any conversation which will get us into a heated debate. This is a trick of the devil who is constantly trying to discourage both you and your friend. Don’t fall for it. Look for a way out of it immediately . Now if he is the kind of person with a temperament and who seems like the kind of guy who you can argue with and you know you’ve an answer for him then by all means go ahead but such people are rare in my opinion.

Don’t police the new comer either. Don’t wander around telling him he’s kneeling wrong or forgot to cross himself as he pass the tabernacle. Remember, he’s just tipping his toes in the water and you’re coming along with a giant sledgehammer for what is the mere breaking of sand. No need to do that. Again your ability to convert someone will also depend upon you’re own relationship with God and your closeness to Christ. This will determine your success in planting seeds. Remember that those who are close to God will cunningly gather the flock whilst the well meaningful traditionalists often scatter the flock and this is because the beam in their eye ( conditioning of the world ) has yet to be fully removed and so like a blind man leading another blind man they end up falling into the pit and going around in circles and never really getting anywhere in terms of progress.

Aim to be a well-rounded Catholic. St.John Paul II was this kind of man as is Pope Francis. It’s why the youth loved John Paul and why they love Francis. If you do this then like the tree in the gospel many will be attracted to you and come to rest in your branches seeking guidance and shelter.

Conversion is a mixed bag of tricks. Sometimes a good argument may help, other times taking them to a beautiful retreat or church. But there must be one we put emphasis on even though all three are workable. The emphasis on a relationship with God is prime because it’s here the most Grace will be distributed and then all the other stuff just falls into place then and everything will make sense for the friend you’re trying to evangelize.

Therefore try to instill within them a relationship with God. These are broken people so handle with care because you don’t want to be the person who harms one of them. Jesus already told us what happens people who scandalize the little ones. Try not to be that rigid Catholic or progressive type. Aim for the narrow path.

God bless








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Four Chants From Pro Abort Activists Which Make No Sense


I hadn’t done photography in quite some time. I was aware that the ROSA bus campaign to repeal the 8th was on tour of Ireland and I wanted to be part of the counter demonstration to that but I had my day job and not enough notice to take time off.

Then all of a sudden and without notice I get fired and I’ve a job lined up but I don’t start until Monday 13th so seeing my friend Becky’s post on Facebook about the bus arriving in Maynooth gave me the opportunity to scratch the itch to go down and take some snaps of these witches for abortion.

Many of their chant’s just make no sense to me and the biased media whose photographers never seem to be there the moment they’re doing something naughty, will not take them to task in their interviews on such senseless chants.


The amount of pro abort and pro-life rallies I’ve been to and this chant just keeps getting hammered out again and again. I always thought to myself ”This isn’t about your ovaries, this is about an unborn human being whose choice you want to take away from because you’re not quite ”ready” yet.

I always wanted a picture that would actually speak those words for me when people look at it. A picture that defeated such a chant in one single snap. I believe what you see above is it.

Opposite to the placard ”Keep your Rosaries off my Ovaries” is a sign of a human baby inside her mother’s womb that says ”Save me, save the 8th”. Incredible image that clearly sends out the message that this is not about your ovaries but an unborn living human being inside of you.



This is honestly another one that baffles me. Women are not just deciding their fate, but the fate of an innocent unborn human life. I’d much rather they be honest and at least admit the human life they want to put an end to is separate from them. Instead they just dress it up in such poor fashion in attempt to disguise the fact that women are deciding their own fate rather than that of someone else. Speaking of being badly dressed….



Except it’s NOT YOUR BODY that you’re aborting because if it was, then you’d be the one who dies. Two separate bodies, heartbeats and strands of DNA is NOT THE SAME BODY. Your unborn child is completely different to you and your choice does not reflect their own of which they don’t have because they’re in a position where, unlike you with your big megaphone, can’t speak up for themselves.

What’s even more comical is men with no uterus or say in abortion who shouldn’t get involved in the debate ( according to the pro abortionists you see here )  yet men behind them are also chanting ”Our bodies our choice”. Have you ever seen the like of it? But of course men are backing this campaign, a free ride with no responsibility is nothing they’d love more.



They’ve never contemplated nor explored the idea that many Gay people are very much against abortion including feminist groups who see abortion as harmful to women and is effectively destroying what femininity stands for.

Being gay also has nothing to do with the debate on abortion but they use it with the insinuation that everyone who is pro-life is either islamic, catholic or a Jew.

Their advice to women on how to obtain abortion pills and their commitment to obtain these abortion pills (which have been known to cause major damage to women and resulting in death for not just the female in the womb) only proves all the more that they don’t care about women. Real women protect women and abortion when one looks at the facts laid out before them, will clearly come to the conclusion that it’s the abortion movement that is anti-women.


If you’re wondering why none of these slogans and chants make any sense it’s because the entire argument favouring abortion is fallacious and extremely illogical. One doesn’t even have to dig deep to discover how stupid these sayings are they’re that childish.

Take for instance my favourite placard above ”I am a boss ass bitch”. What on earth has that got to do with abortion?

The constant desire to make killing babies look trendy isn’t working girls, you can dress how you like and get as artistic and creative as you want but the truth will always prevail and right now the polls are not in your favour.

Students on campus of Maynooth that night took to social media to denounce your angry foul tactics of this campaign not to mention it’s fallacious stance that abortion is right for women.















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