Enter The Dragon And The Illusion Of Satan

I’m watching Enter the Dragon. You have to love Bruce Lee who does not enjoy his movies? When I was a kid I went through my Bruce Lee Phase. I had every Movie and owned all his books.

Tonight for the first time in years I see his movie ”Enter the Dragon”. This time I see it with new eyes.

There is the final Boss scene where he chases the guy down in a hall of mirrors. It’s so difficult to find him and the enemy keeps jumping out amidst the mirrors to attack him.

Becoming exhausted with the task of finding this guy in such a difficult place surrounded by mirrors bruce suddenly hears a voice. ”Remember, the enemy hides behind illusions and images, destroy the image and you destroy the enemy. ”

Wow!!! When I heard these words I suddenly got a glimpse of the Christian spiritual warfare.

The enemy (the Devil) approaches us through counterfeit Joy and Love. He creates a false image and illusory world in mockery of the real one. For example the real meaning of love, joy and sex is completely destroyed and replaced with what looks like a real image.

Finding the Devil and discerning his whereabouts can be made difficult. However through awareness of ourselves and our sins, we can through much prayer begin to destroy this image he’s created.

So what about Bruce Lee? After hearing this voice I begins to smash every mirror in the place. In the end it helps him find and kill his opponent.

We must also smash the illusory world the devil has presented before us if we want to find and eliminate him from the intellect and the soul.

We cannot do this though when whilst we are still praying and go to Mass, have not left that realm and entered into the next phase of our spiritual progress which is to die to ourselves and destroy the conditioning and brainwashing of secular society within us.

This false image we have fallen victim to must be destroyed that we may come closer to God and freedom itself.


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Why The Orthodox Church Cannot Convert Western Europe

I love the Orthodox Church and I enjoy it’s culture. What I say here also applies to my own Eastern Catholic Ukrainian parish but I don’t want to focus on them right now. Right now I want to focus on the Orthodox. Why? Because the Ukrainians are not here in the west to convert others but to tend to their Ukrainian flock who are immigrants working here.

I think that’s brilliant and I wish them God speed and so they’ve an excuse not to be converting and picking off Roman Catholics.

The Orthodox church however have a duty to convert people to their Church but they’re failing and not even making it on the radar. Not because they don’t have a beautiful enriched Liturgy and expression of theology, but because like the Ukrainians they’ve set up church only for those who are far from home.

Countries are tribal and patriotic. I for one despise patriotism and worship of ones culture and so does God, he thinks it’s silly also BUT He too understands its necessary bait to reel in the fish. For this reason using the culture and language of the country you reside in is very important.

Take my country Ireland for example. How easy is it to use our pre-schism saints, cultural art and language and create an Irish Orthodox Church? It’s really that simple. However they’re not doing it and so time and time again their parishes are largely seen like the Ukrainian Catholic ones, that is, a respite for those far from their own country. Hey, that’s fine but when setting up a church in the west, don’t call it a ”mission” to convert the Irish if you’re going to be ethnically ”Arabic” or ”Romanian” or ”Russian.

I love all these countries and I enjoy listening to their art, music and reading all about their history. In fact, all the countries I just named I would love to visit before I die especially Russia.

But my love for Russia and ability to listen to Russian hymns in Slavonic or Russian is not shared by every other Irish man. So I feel that if the Orthodox want to make any kind of gains in western Europe they need to understand these principles than the Roman Catholics do.

Roman Catholics have always adopted the culture of the land they arrived in. In doing so they were able to cleverly convert the tribes they met in the amazonian forests of the time using their culture, art and music.

At the same time they were able to incite within these tribal people an appreciation of the Latin music which describes the roots of their church.

Look, when I go to Russia I want the whole Russian package. I want to enter an Orthodox church only to hear and see russian people. But when I’m in Ireland, do I really want to see that? Not that I’m advocating we kick all the roots of the Orthodox Church out but I’ve just yet to see a Orthodox Church that lives up to what it calls itself which is ”Universal”.

I recall when I wanted to convert to the Orthodox Church that I had intentions of creating Irish themed Orthodox videos and prayer groups. I’m still waiting on those.

You can even see the predicament I’m in. I attend a fully Ukrainian Greek Catholic Parish in which all of it including the homily is in Ukrainian. My kids are English speaking and they don’t understand any of it.

But I made a promise to Fr.Serge I would raise them in the parish as he asked me before baptizing my first born and had me promise to raise them Greek Catholic.

It is frustrating though and I can understand why the UGCC in my area keep it in Ukrainian. It’s an hour away from me and we are the ONLY Irish converts there. the only ones. Often the people approach Audrey and ask ”Why your husband like it here, is it the music and hymns?”

They’re such a loving people they really are but have no idea just how bad roman Catholicism has become and my struggle of faith to remain in the Catholic Church at all.

Perhaps one day God will resolve to give me peace and just have me choose. If I choose Orthodoxy there’s no doubt in my mind that I will strive to open an Irish Orthodox Church and would work hard at seeking new converts using every means possible using the culture to do so.

Or I can just stay in my Ukrainian Greek Catholic parish, bite my lip and just accept it will always be Ukrainian. I must admit the latter day by day, week by week and year by year is proving more difficult than the former, especially seeing as my bishop has most likely refused my canonical transfer.

That’s pure speculation but four years ago I asked for it but I heard nothing back. Now I’m extremely irate that my two sons are canonically Ukrainian Catholic but I am not. Drives me wild as the desire to distance myself from the Roman Church is very strong, so much so that, in the end, I will mostly likely jump ship and swim east. But only time, the Lord and grace will tell if that happens.





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I Never Want My Kids To See Their Grandparents Again

My wife is from America and her parents like to boast they’re the 1% of America in reference to wealth.

Let me tell you something, I have met a lot of evil people in my life. I mean I really have met the most low life scum you can think not to mention cowards.

But there is one man who tops them all and that is my so called father in law. This man had his daughter get an abortion and afterwards kept her locked away in his nursing home on the most potent anti-psychotic drugs known to man.

When I took Audrey here, I resolved to get her off this stuff that her so called ”Psychiatrist” had given her. You know what I’m talking about, a psychiatrist who took his money from the rich elite and diagnosed new problems every day to keep his money train going.

That’s America for you, free enterprise huh?

After I took her over here he stripped her of everything. He didn’t come to the wedding but here’s the most shocking one.

When Audrey was going through her ordeal with cancer, not once did he come over to see her. In fact, when Audrey lay on her death bed in the hospital receiving a stem cell transplant which was the only treatment left to save her, her entire family (about 7 in total) were pictured having fun in ”Edinburgh” on a family holiday.

I really think you cannot get more cowardly than that. He is a psychopath and sociopath of the clinical term. He definitely has a mental illness which he has passed on to the rest of his emotionless and lifeless secular children.

They’re pro abortion, anti-religious and the most secular family lacking all compassion. Money is their god and there is no changing them.

They’re a bad influence for children to be around especially in their formative years.

Therefore I’ve told Audrey who asked me when she can take the kids to see them that they will never ever see these people again. I don’t want my children anywhere near these dangerous people. She’s really upset about it.

This is the family who when the mother, after much pressure from my family over the phone came over to visit, brought a company in to help us citing that they would pay for it. Then they walked away and left my wife with cancer to defend herself in the courts because her parents wouldn’t pay the bill.

These people have brought nothing but trouble to my door. I never ever want to see them nor hear from them again.

Her father likes to think of himself as a real traditional American rich 1% who thinks that taking care of his family remains in the fact that he only needs to send them a few dollars. And you know what? He can leave us all the money he wants and fund my sons education all he wants but it will never make him a good person.

God used Pharaoh to give Moses a really good education and Moses grew up in royalty. But this did not make Pharaoh any more of a saint and in the end he was swallowed up in the sea for his stubborn actions whilst Moses is etched into the eternal halls of heavenly fame.

There are actually few people in this life I would never invite into my home or want to be in the presence of but my goodness is he one of them.

Do I love him? Of course and there’s the occasions when I pray for him. But this doesn’t mean I have to like him or keep company with him.

He’s a coward and I’m happy to keep him in America and let him get on with his life and I’m happy that my kids will never see him again.



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”It’s Just Sex” She Said

Over ten years ago, I’m living in a particular country which I wont name. I’m in lodgings in an enormous old country house of a man whose wife had died of cancer and left him with a few boys to look after.

I was homeless living in a tent in the wilderness and so this man kindly took me in and gave me a room in his house.

He used to lock the door at night and as I was always out past 9pm drinking down the local watering hole I’d stumble home at night and I’d greet him in the morning. He knew I had no key to get in and probably wondered how I got in but he was too humble to confront me about it.

Basically I would reach into the cat flap around the back with my hand, slide up, find the latch and open it. It was rather simple. If someone wanted to break and enter it was made easy for them.

We never talked much at all but one morning I heard he and his son play one of the beatles songs on the piano. It was the popular ”Eleanor Rigby”. I stood at the top of the stairs 4 floors up and sung along. he commented on how great my voice sounded (after all that was my profession a singer songwriter) but I was not convinced.

One night I decided I had enough of all the bars, clubs and drinking by the river so I made resolve to stay in my room.

I get a text on my phone ”I’m really horny wanna meet?” It was only one of the prettiest girls in the village and took me by surprise.

On this occasion I replied ”No I’m too tired maybe some other time”. But I know I don’t wanna go anywhere near her because her boyfriend is 10 years older than her and a unhinged killer whose been in and out of jail.

For that reason alone I’m staying put. She decides to call me and after some lewd talk and persuading on her part I reluctantly climb out of my bed at 2am in the morning to go meet her.

We meet on the road and she pulls me into the nearby field and we run so nobody sees us deep into the forest and end up by the river.

Here we had our sexual encounter. When it was over I just felt exhausted and tired of life. I had a pregnant girlfriend and I’m just a mess.

She looks at me and seeing my broken conscience says ”Look Stephen, it’s only sex that’s all it is…sex ok?”.

What she said however stuck with me and it wasn’t until I was driving in my van today and began to reminisce¬†about old bad times did it come up again.

Often the devil likes to use your memory of past sexual encounters to arouse the passions but I’ve a counter attack to this and I turn it into good.

Her words ”it’s only sex” were disturbing. It made sex (which is meant to be beautiful in its appropriate context) into something so trivial like it didn’t matter.

This act that is meant to unite two people who truly love and are committed to one another was in that moment reduced to just a selfish pleasurable thrilling act.

We didn’t see each other, all we saw was the pleasure we wanted. It was the pleasure we looked for and it just so happened that the attraction fueled this. There was plenty of attraction but love was not present at all.

Being brought up in a sexual society I was taught this was just normal. TV, Film and the media presented as just human nature.

The feeling I had afterwards was proof however that such acts are not natural. We don’t feel the spiritual world around us when we are not aware of it.

But nature and the angels have a habit of letting you know that you’re doing it all wrong and they do it via your conscience. There are some however who have built immunity to their conscience and are so lost that regaining a love for God seems like such a distant reality.

There you have it. Whenever the devil tries to fire up the passions in you via memory, turn it into good but we can’t turn it into Good if our intellect is still darkened and our prayer life so poor that our hearts are distant from God. Men without this quality, even though their conscience is telling them it’s wrong, because they’re far from knowledge of God, they will fall into the same sin again and again.

We need to know it’s wrong and this combined with Love of God and the grace derived from this will help us in turning those thoughts to good ones. Because the man who isn’t in the process of training will always fall for the trap of the devil.







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Did Nature Intend Us To Be Monogamous?

This post was inspired by what I heard recently about a man who claimed that nature did not intend for humans to be monogamous. Furthermore his argument was that monogamy was man made and forced upon us by draconian laws.

This is actually a common secular argument and at first sight you would think it makes sense because by nature we are lustful humans. We often fall victim to the idea that lustful thoughts of other women and our attachment to sex with just about anyone somehow means this desire that is out of control means nature intended it that way.

We often talk about nature as if it’s some beautiful thing that can do no wrong. This is not true. Nature is indeed beautiful but can deliver you some difficult blows in life and many people are born with various illnesses ranging from the physical to the mental.

That said, when humans are not in harmony with nature it often turns against them.

Many claim that polygamy and having sex with anyone we desire is natural but if that is so, then why does nature turn against us when we do engage in these relationships? By this I mean why do we get sexually transmitted diseases which is achieved only through sexual intercourse with multiple women.

This fact alone (getting a sexually transmitted disease) proves that nature did not intend for us to be in multiple relationships.

But let’s focus more on the desire we have to have sex with women other than our spouse. These lustful thoughts and desires we give in to because we feel that as we are too weak to control them, that they somehow we are justified in thinking nature intended this. Right? WRONG.

For example many people are born with the alcoholic gene but this does not mean they should act upon this simply because nature delivered them this blow as the consequences can be fatal and result in a damaged life and body.

Therefore those born with this gene need to exercise control and self mastery in order to be able to truly appreciate what the natural order intended for their bodies.

We are all born sinners and extremely fallen. The whole idea of grace is that through grace we align ourselves once again with what nature intended for our souls and bodies. When we venture outside of this circle and rebel against nature it gets nasty with us and we are landed with a nice big sexually transmitted disease.

So like the alcoholic gene, just because we are born sinners with lustful desires does not mean we should act out on them.

The secular free love philosophy that we can engage in sex with whomever we want, that nature intended it this way, and as long we are not hurting other people in the process of our actions collapses. The argument collapses because it does hurt people not just on a physical level with regards to diseases but also on a spiritual level in relation to the soul.

Such a warped philosophy really darkens the intellect and damages others because it promotes a falsehood which the world acts upon and thus perpetuates not only the falsehood but sexually transmitted disease also.

With this in mind we can see how a vicious circle is created. First we have the Lie and deception and secondly we have the diseases that follow. Lastly we have then the vicious circle in which we transmit (no pun intended) our lies to the next generation.

Nature has it’s rules and its high time we begun to stop fighting her and the God she was created and ordered by.

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Watch “Finding peace from demonic attacks – Orthodox teaching” on YouTube

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The High Crosses Of Monasterboice 

I took a stop here to view these crosses. This place was built in the 6th century by St.Buithe.

It was later plundered and everything stolen. All that remains are some ruins and these high crosses.

They’re very Byzantine and iconic in nature specifically because they tell a story.

Every painting weather eastern or western tells a story but these resemble the artwork of the east and the manner in which they would have expressed a story. It also looks very Coptic in nature.

They say that the Celtic people came from Galatia which is modern day Turkey. This may explain the eastern influence.

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Catholic Media Culture 

I’m not impressed by this media culture even though there’s many respectful people who work in that area. 

I think if you want your spiritual light to be gradually extinguished over time, then allow yourself to become consumed with church gossip and politics. 

Newspapers online and offline of a Catholic nature are of no use to our spiritual progress. They are like everything else created for “entertainment “. There can be some thoughtful pieces in them that can be edifying but the poison outweighs the honey. 

By nature we are weak and tend to favour the meaningless gossip over the real thing. For this reason better to avoid it altogether. 

Most people who create these website and jobs for themselves is so they don’t have to work in the world and are incapable of doing so. They want to work with people they know won’t be a challenge to their faith. Who can blame them the world is a tough place but do you really want to take advice from someone who runs away and hides his talent to preach and work with the choir ? 

That’s all most of these Catholic Media outlet attracts is troubled Catholics who’ve yet to put down their toys and move on to the next stage of their relationship with God. 

Stay away from them I tell myself. You’re better off. 

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A 6 Year Olds Icon

My son spontaneously drew me a picture which is an icon. 

It is a joy to see him draw these things. When I was his age I never drew pictures like this at all. 

In a way I often feel it’s Jesus way of speaking to me via my sons creativity. 

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I Bought An 18th Century Icon

I am building a collection of these icons from Russia and Ukraine. They are native icons mostly painted by the poor. 

But that’s why I love them. Their simple attempt and innocent style attracts me to them in comparison to the skilled artist whose style is also worthy of appreciation. 

I’m really not a fan of printed icons or copies unless they’re a unique copy of an ancient piece that you cannot get anywhere else except from that particular dealer. 

It’s exciting and the thrill of finding a place for it on my wall. 

What is the icon ? It’s an image of the Theotokos when she was a child. Zechariah and Anne are to the left and the boy Jesus and Joseph to the right. In the heavens is the glorified Theotokos. 

I’ll post a pic when it comes in. 

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