What Is Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit?

You would not think it because we are free to disbelieve in Private revelation/Prophecy but when testing the spirits this is part of the measuring stick I use.

I will listen and respect someones opinion on Medjugorje or True Life In God and respect it when they don’t believe. When they say I’m not sure I believe but I await the Churches continued examination of it to be on the safe side, I’m not disconcerted by this at all. In fact it’s a good response.

Where ones fails in this test is when I see them setting up to prematurely judge Medjugorje and setting out to ”fight” it. When they mimic the pharisees and label it ”demonic”, ”from Satan” and that all the healings that took place are via ”Satan” its all his work.

When one does this (and I will leave God to judge here), they place themselves in a very dangerous position of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. St.Paul tells us in scripture that we are never to suppress the Spirit or prophecy.

Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t test the spirits but to prematurely judge and even set out to fight what may and well truly be from God would mean you’re fighting God and could be in serious danger of suppressing the Spirit.

Nothing wrong with saying you disbelieve. Nothing wrong with examining something in fact that’s important but to set yourself up as the self styled theologian and to condemn and fight Medjugorje or True Life In God means your placing yourself in a difficult position like the pharisees did who blasphemed the Holy Spirit by calling his works that of the devils.

Just be careful my dear readers as quite a number of Radical right wing websites and left wing ones have been engaging in this war on Medjugorje mostly because it preaches something both of these groups don’t want to hear.

God bless.

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What Is Great Wealth?

There is a proverb in the Bible ”Wealth adds many friends, but the friend of the poor man deserts him.” (prv:19:4)

At first glance it is literally what we perceive it to be. Having lots of money means we’ll gather many friends and when we are poor we don’t really have any friends and when we’ve run out of money they often desert us.

I like to look at this a little deeper and in a spiritual sense.

Wealth is good when the wealth is wisdom and virtue. A virtuous man will attract many friends are true and faithful because he’s wise enough to tell friend from foe.

A poor man could be someone who has all the money in the world but he lacks the wisdom and virtue to attract good friends who won’t desert him or stab him in the back. But poor men (avaricious wealthy type) their friends have already in their heart deserted them and are always looking for ways to hoodwink them or use them for their own gain.

Desertion doesn’t always mean somebody has fled from your presence but that whilst in your presence their heart has already left you. For example Judas in his heart had already betrayed and deserted Jesus.

This however more or so happens the man rich in wealthy. In this proverb he is the poor man whose friends desert him and the wealthy man is the materially poor man whose rich in wisdom and has attracted the true friend who will never leave him in times of trouble.

For the Kingdom of God is like a treasure which a man finds and then goes and hides so great is the find.

What kind of treasure do you possess?

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Why Are Most Jesuits Liberal?

I’ve met Jesuits and at one time thought I’d be interested in joining them. The vocational director said to me ”Most people who come to us are very educated. They used to be Psychologists, Doctors, Solicitors etc etc and contribute these things. You on the other hand, we wouldn’t consider. You have not even graduated high school and yet we would expect you to have at least three years university behind you before we would even at the very least consider you and even then you wouldn’t be guaranteed entry.”

I asked what about being a simple brother? He said the same qualities would apply. He asked me a few things about the Trinity and said your interpretations of the Trinity sound very ”Orthodox” in theology and eastern. I thought that was odd because I’d only come back to the Church in like three or four months and I’ve literally no theological training.

I thought the whole interview was odd. I told him I will go and try and get my high school graduation and come back but I knew this wasn’t to be for me so although I entered an adult class for this I soon lost interest.

He invited me to read the life of Ignatius of Loyolas before we parted ways as he said my conversion story was almost identical to his and the experiences that I had such as the grace of tears for one and the fact that I found myself in a position where I was surrounded by books and read them in bed every night.

As my growth back into the Church began to flourish a little more and my knowledge and getting to know people augmented a little, I began to look at the Jesuits as a once prestigious order who educated the uneducated and did not call the qualified.

It now was loaded with yuppies who came from a privileged background being part of the education for the privileged few.

Therefore when I see how liberal they are in their theology and approach to converting others and social movements, the only reasoning I have for this is that part of the desire to go left stems from a deception of the devil.

When one sees himself as enlightened and has become heavily intellectual in his approach to literally anything from theology to biology, there is a danger he will leave the Church, if not externally, for the most part internally.

Many Jesuits believe themselves to be doing Gods Holy work. Many of us at one stage often have as I said before Holy motives to do unholy things. We are unaware that we are doing bad.

It is those of us who engage in such a practice whom like in scripture will turn to God and say: ”But when did we see you hungry or thirsty? we’d no idea it was you, we thought we were doing your Holy work,. ‘

You see? they were unaware they were doing wrong. This is why self awareness of ones spiritual state is very important. To discern your own self is like the treasure one finds and goes away and hides it because when you’ve discovered this you’ve found the kingdom of God.

The Lord says ”It is not everyone who tells me ‘Lord, Lord, who will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will tell me in that Day, ‘Lord, Lord did we not prophesy in your Name, cast out demons in your Name, and do many deeds of power in your Name?’ Then I will tell them, ‘I never knew you! Depart from me, you who do what is wicked.’ ( Matt:7:21-23)

This is a remarkable piece of scripture. Imagine that, they performed many miracles and done all these marvelous things yet still they were told to depart from the presence of God because even though they thought they were doing great, inevitably they were being wicked. Their lives were all messed up.

I’ve come across some exorcists who even though they can cast out demons, their quite wicked in their behaviour towards others. So anyone who thinks that their mystical experiences preclude their entry into heaven falls heavily into deceptive thought and the snares of the Devil.

I’ve even encountered a very liberal priest who the Lord used to Heal a sick man. God will use whom he wants, doesn’t necessarily warrant us the Kingdom.

Anyone who thinks that a few university degrees in theology is going to make them a great priest is likewise fooled by the devil. St.Peter was a simple fisherman yet he was given the keys to the Kingdom and granted the Holy Spirit for the Holy Spirit cannot be studied through books, He gives himself to whom he wants and avoids the self styled theologians and philosophers.

I like St.Ignatius of Loyola, the Jesuit order and as a home school dad I’m enrolling my son into Kolbe Academy who themselves use the ignatius method. I just think it’s a shame they’ve become a nest for the snake himself. Their schools and priests right around the world appeal only to one kind of person ”The yuppie social ladder climbing” type.

Many of the children who emerge from their private schools do so as non practicing or are extremely pro abortion.

The devil deceives so many of the intellectual type. He did it with great fathers of the church like Tertullian, Origen and Evagrios the solitary and he continues to do it today with priests like Richard ROHR and James Martin SJ today among a sea of others.

Even the wealthy well educated type who are not relgious at all are very liberal. A friend of mine said in one part of Dublin where all the rich live, this is the only part of Dublin who voted in favour of abortion back in 1983. Incredibly sad but not surprising.

Neither is it surprising when we hear Jesuit priests behave the way they do. In fact most priests in Ireland are liberal because many who are ordained come from a privileged farming background. Unfortunately the Church ordains its priests like the government does it’s politicians and this is why there is so much spiritual and physical abuse.

The church takes away the keys of the Knowledge to those who have a vocation but freely gives it those who often don’t have one. There is a saying that ”Well if you have a vocation God will get you in” as if somehow God enjoys the obstacles they place before his Spirit.

In the eastern Church they don’t examine the mans social or educational background as much as they do his character. Then they school him in a little catechism and like the apostles of old is sent on his merry way to preach the Gospel and tend to the parish.

It’s sad. I remember I met three priests when they were redemptorist seminarians. All three of them were very liberal in their theology. Even later Live on a chat show in Ireland one of them declared his distaste for the infallible doctrine against contraception. Just another people pleaser with no vocation to the priesthood ordained yet again.

Vocations were already at an all time low and they decided they would ordain these three amigos? It is incredible.

I don’t allow myself to be stressed over it as in the end, God will swallow all up in the sea of victory. But I do pray for them. It’s important. Nobody wants anyone to be lost.










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The Word ”Know” In The Bible.

I was in the office today when the boss runs in, ”Stephen I want you to go around to this school, our product has been in it for years and we have known them a long time but their principal is gone and there is a new one.

The young principal who has taken over doesn’t know us and I’m afraid that because of this he will be easily switched by the Competition. I want you to pay him a visit and show some face even try and sell him a new machine.

Whilst I drove to this school in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Ireland I thought about what my boss had said and how it reflected the Bible.

In the Bible, the book of Exodus we are told that a new pharaoh arises who doesn’t know Joseph.

”In the mean time there arose a new king over Egypt, that knew not Joseph:” (exodus:1:8)

When the bible writes this it doesn’t mean that the new king did not know Joseph as in he had never heard of him before. It’s not like we use it today in which we often use it to reference never seeing or meeting someone before.

No, this not knowing was ”political” in nature. It meant that this new king didn’t politically recognize him nor like him. He had no ”covenant” with Joseph or his people and so decided he’d get rid of them.

The Bible also talks about Adam knowing eve and this knowing leading to the birth of Children and so on and so forth.

When my boss said it, it made so much sense that this principal doesn’t have a relationship with us, he knows of us but does not have an established relationship. Therefore he will get rid of us the moment the competition arrive with their product because he has no emotional ties with us.

It amazes me that even after 10,000 years or more us humans have not changed in our mentality.




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Radical Right Wing Catholics

I’m a firm believer that if the Devil doesn’t get you with the liberal left in the Church in all its diabolical manifestation, he will surely get you with the radical right wing. Those right wing who firmly believe they are doing Gods ”Holy work”.

A Greek Orthodox friend of mine Thanasis said to me: ”Those two ways the devil is fighting is, we call them: Temptation from the left, and Temptation from the right. Temptation from the left is when the devil temps us to sin. Temptation from the right, which is much more dangerous, is when the devil gives us “holy” motives to do unholy things, when he tempts is to overdo it, go beyond our current capacities so that later we get exhausted and abandon the fight altogether, when he tempts us in pride for the “good” (we think) we did. In general, Temptation of the right is when we are heading to hell but we believe we are heading to heaven. Only humility can unmask this trickery of the devil, and humility is not easy (if even desired) for the most of us. Temptation from the Right is most dangerous because the person that has fallen for that trap doesn’t even believe he is trapped. So there will be no attempt, from that person’s part, to repent and get out of it.”

It is an interesting point and when one looks at the Lords request that we stay on the narrow path we often can wonder what this narrow path entails. To get closer to the narrow path we must avoid modernism and it’s opposition fundamentalism. Archbishop fulton sheen said something that I’ve never forgotten. He said ”The Church will always be more modern than the modernist, and more fundamental than the fundamentalist.”

This tells me that there exists what’s known as a ”Well balanced Catholic”. Now I don’t claim this title and we’ve all got something wrong with us but I do believe it’s important almost vital to ones spiritual health that we pray for the discernment of the spirits.

To be given the grace to spot very radical movements like Church Militant among others like Lifesitenews who are constantly on the attack with regards to Pope Francis is very important.

You’ve just found a renewed and fresh admiration for your faith but in the midst of your Epiphany you’re in danger of being either being pulled to left or pulled to the right and becoming radicalized.

This is why I invite people to avoid popular youtube personalities such as Michael Voris/Church Militant and ”The Marian Catechist”.

When Michael Voris first came out, I didn’t mind him all that much but then he became increasingly aggressive in tone and as I watched his audience I saw it became almost as if he was preaching to the Choir.

His Church Militant channel to date is mostly a respite for Catholics who are seeking out someone whom can help them through the storm, to have a shoulder to lean on in the midst of all this modernism and they have seemed to have found it in Michael.

I really admire his conversion story and we’ve all got one. His mother sadly fell asleep in the Lord and he was a great big sinner who experienced a conversion like none other. I do believe however that he is experiencing an Epiphany that has spiraled out of control.

The devil often deceives us like my friend Thanasis said, into believing we must do great things in order to give back to God.

Very few of us are just content with going to Mass on Sunday and praying our daily devotions. No, we must do something BIG, BAD AND BOLDDDDDD.

I know, I was there, I felt the same way. You’re not talking to the perfect, you’re talking to the man whose trodden that particular path.

In the american personality there is no other culture that likes to do things bigger than Americans and Michael went all out.

Is everything Michael says wrong, surely there is something good about his movement? I would agree that his movement could have been great but he’s turned into the religious police. Uncovering this scandal, that scandal and watching everything everyone is saying that if they slip up they better watch out because he will make a video out of it.

The thing about engaging and joining in this behaviour is that it is not spiritually healthy for the soul to be peering into this world of constant scandal and will inevitably lead you to spiritual ruin.

Michael may be getting at all the scandals but what has changed since his uncovering of them? Nothing at all. What do we gain from watching his uncovering of these scandals? Entertainment maybe but will it help us get to Heaven and help further our relationship with Jesus and his Church? No. I don’t believe it to be so.

It’s not even that he gets a lot of scandals right but his whole approach to dealing with the Scandal is wrong. Even Jesus says we must approach our brother in secret, then failing that we bring him to the Church then failing that we just leave him and let God sort him out.

However the very public way of dealing with this is not something I’m a fan of and I think it could be handled better.

I would invite people to focus on appropriate things that are edifying for the soul. Read spiritual books and seek out spiritual direction. I highly recommend Dan Burke as the more favorable YouTube personality you should be following.

He is owner of the Avila Institute for spiritual direction and a good writer. would highly recommend you subscribe to him than this radical right wing scandal seeking religious police man such as Michael Voris. Not good for the soul at all.

Remember to seek out a well balanced Catholic life, don’t lean too far to the right and don’t lean to far to the left but ask God to help you remain on the narrow path.

God bless






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Two Temptations Given To Us By The Devil

No matter where we run, no matter where we hide, the devil will always follow. If he doesn’t present himself in one form, he will in another.

For monks who go to the desert he presents himself as a naked woman or takes visible form. For the man living in the world he uses those who are ignorant even the baptized and the clergy.

For example you’re fasting during lent and all of a sudden that friend you have whom you know would never offer you a bite to eat, asks you if you’d like a nice bite of his cream bun.

I had a friend once call me up and ask me if I’d like to go to a prostitute with him and guess what…in all our years of knowing each other this lad wouldn’t buy you so much as a Happy meal let alone drop all that money on you to go to a prostitute.

So much was his desire that I become like him and enter into his world of promiscuity. This was before my conversion and I remember agreeing to it. We arrived and nobody was there, nobody answered the door. I like to think it was Gods providence that protected me that day. What was I in the middle of doing? I was in the process of reading Holy things and trying to regain peace in my life.

The Devil saw this and along came this ”friend” of mine with a better idea. I was in the middle of reading and praying the rosary one night when he called again. ”Hey it’s on man they’re going to be there tonight”. I will never forget how liberating it was to turn around and say ”No, I’m not interested”.

From that day forward our friendship dissolved like Aspirin in water.

The devil uses men and women to tempt us which I find more scary than memory or him showing himself to me in a dream. Men will do more damage than any demonic spirit will. Ignorant souls are the devils best weapon because even they are beyond temptation and there’s not much work to be done when they’re involved.

St.Maximos the confessor in his texts on Love tells us that Jesus was tempted both ways, both by men (the pharisees) and in the desert by Satan where he presented himself in true form.

Why does he show himself to those who have retreated to a monastery or desert and not to the ordinary person living in the world? It is a good question isn’t it?

I think it’s important to note that God permits Satan to show himself so there’s a reason for it. However Satan won’t show himself to the ordinary human because it would make him obvious that he exists. He does more damage hiding behind the curtain of mans ignorance.

He shows himself to the monk in the desert first to the amateur monk through memory and sometimes dreams and to the advanced Monk he will toss around and go to war with. He will present himself as a beautiful light and angel or as a naked woman.

This is because the advanced monk already knows him. The cat is out of the bag and he’s no longer spiritually blind but tuned in now in an almost perfect awareness of what the spiritual realm.

Therefore the Devil has to work harder now.

We’ve talked briefly about the Devil tempting us through humans and showing himself. What about dreams?

All the Fathers agree that the state of our dreams will determine the state of our soul. So if we are earthly in any way our dreams will reflect that.

But that doesn’t mean the devil has entered the dream either. Your dreams are a reflection of the state of your soul.

However there is a point where the devil can enter. You’ll know by the anxiety and utter fear you experience.

The entrance of him into my dreams is rare. When he does come it’s always the same dream or similar.

I am being pulled down to Hell. There is a lot of screaming from me in the dream. I try to pray the St.Michaels prayer ”St.Michael the Archangel defend us in the day of battle” etc etc but he won’t let me speak. Every time I open my mouth or force the words out he seals my mouth shut.

I don’t stop trying and I always manage to blurt out in a loud voice ST.MICHAELLLL THE ARCHANGELLLL DEFEND…US……IN….THE……DAY OF BATTLE…….

Then I awake in a heavy sweat and the presence of the evil one still in the room I pray a little more and then go to sleep again.

Another night it was a beautiful woman in my dream. I went to make the sign of the cross in my dream and the devil wouldn’t let me. Like the same force he used to seal my mouth shut he used to prevent me from making the sign of the Cross. When I eventually did I woke up.

Dreams you see are that unaware state where the devil can enter in whatever form he likes. It’s the only one where it’s closest to being in the desert like the monk.

The best way to deal with it is to allow it to takes its course, thank God for allowing it as it’s a gift that we progress even more in our faith and also a warning that we could do better in our daily prayer life.

I know mine isn’t too good but prayer is the only way to eliminate him but I often find the most difficult temptations to deal with are the ones that come from living in the world and men themselves.

Lets pray for each other.





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Irish Catholic Home School Social Workers

My wife is obsessed with Homeschooling which I think is a healthy obsession if any because I despise those secular schools with the Catholic badge on them.

She had some questions from the local communist social workers who call around and access you here in Ireland which is against the law and constitution but they do it anyway. They’re such busy bodies that love to know whats going on in those crazy Christian homes.

Protestant friends of ours were called to by them and now they can’t get rid of them because sadly they prey on families that are foreign and weak because they’ve no support to help them.

So this assessment is riddled with questions to see how much of a nutcase you are really and they’re presented in a way that you will answer like a fruit cake that they may then have an excuse to call out to you again and destroy your little garden of Eden. Snakes is what they are.

One of the questions was ”Why do you want to home school and why do you think it’s better than any other form of education?”

My wife gave them a biography of charlotte Mason. I explained to her they’re not looking for a bio of another homeschooled, they’re looking for your personal response.

My wife says ”well…what should I say?”

I made a joke and she actually put pen to paper and began to write what I was saying when I said tell them: ”Because we don’t want your monstrous philosophies anywhere near them where they will die both a mental and spiritual death. Your so-called Catholic schools are thriving with little atheist children deprived of good manners and we’d rather our kids not have to mix with the godless at least not until they’re old enough to know that one does not follow a herd of pigs running off a cliff.”

I laughed out loud when I realized she was actually writing this down and there was a point where she also began to understand I was joking and stopped writing.

I got serious though. I told her you just need to say what I just said but in a very clever way that lets them know you’re saying it but in such a fashion that it looks obvious yet polite and classy.

You say ”Having read and studied the benefits of both public schooling and homeschooling, we concluded that homeschooling was the better option of the two for our children’s academic, theological and social growth. ”





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A Domestic Schism

In a conversation over dinner with someone earlier in the week they asked what was the attraction of the Byzantine Catholic and Orthodox churches.

It was a good question but not one I could have answered without my soup going cold so I had to be quick and say what came to mind.

I said what attracted me was the balanced masculinity and femininity of the services. The reverence was also on top of the agenda. It just suits my personality and I’ve a very masculine kind of persona where the Roman Church just can’t satisfy that and its more a church that used to have this but no longer has mans attention.

The Roman Mass today with its few faults is still a nice one when done appropriately (which I’ve never seen happen except on EWTN) but even so my heart really is in the eastern churches.

Then tonight I read something in my Ukrainian Greek Catholic Catechism which really brings it home. In it, the Envoy of prince Vladimir is sent to find a religion suitable for Ukraine and lo and behold they stumble into the Hagia Sophia. They wrote back saying:

‘“And we went into the Greek lands, and we were led into a place where they serve their God, and we did not know where we were, on heaven or on earth; and do not know how to tell about this. All we know is that God lives there with people and their service is better than in any other country. We cannot forget that beauty since each person, if he eats something sweet, will not take something bitter afterwards; so we cannot remain any more in paganism.”

It sounds almost cruel and I don’t want it to sound cruel out of respect for the mass but to me all I taste when I’m at a Roman Liturgy is bitterness now that I’ve tasted the sweetness of both Orthodox and Greek Catholic Churches.

When I came back to the Church there was only one Church which was your local roman church. I even got involved with my guitars and thought this is great this will do.

Then one day I stumble across a you tube video of Orthodox chanting and choral singing both in Russian and Greek. I then experienced via you tube an Orthodox service and I was totally lifted off the ground by the reverence and presence, beauty and majesty of God I felt there.

Things go even worse when I went to Greece and visited just your average Orthodox parish. I was thrown back by the intensity of all I’d seen, heard and smelled. It woke me up to realize that they may be the truth.

However I have decided to remain in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church for now because I can’t bring myself to the Orthodox churches just yet. But to say I’m obsessed would be an understatement.

I still go to adoration here and confession in the roman churches but once a week I’m determined to make it to Dublin for Divine Liturgy. It’s the only thing keeping me alive in the Catholic Church and if it wasn’t for it I’d crumble under pressure and become Orthodox.

After so many falls in the Roman Catholic church and clashes with the faithless clergy there and having to forfeit so many theological classes  because they’re full of twisted theology, I decided I’d had enough. Got my boys baptised into the UGCC and never looked back.

The only sad thing is that my wife doesn’t share the same enthusiasm and wants to remain going to her local RC church. So we are split. I take Christian to the UGCC and she takes Joseph to her church on Sunday.

I used to go with my wife every sunday to the roman church because I felt pressure that we should be together as a family which we definitely should be but recently I’ve had enough. I need to take care of my mental and spiritual health and if that means a sort of mini schism occurring in my own household then so be it.

This is it, once you’ve tasted the sweetness of Orthodoxy it’s very difficult to make a return to the bitter.



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Many Teachers Are Socio/Psychopaths



In my job there is a particular product we sell to schools and today we had a stall in a sort of teachers day fair where we were selling it.

It’s in popular demand and always needed although many teachers passing our stall were obviously disinterested because they don’t care for our product because it’s the principal who makes the decision.

That said we managed to strike up some conversations with the teachers. I know in advance teachers, secretaries, principals and even Catholic churches have psychopaths working in that profession.

I know because A) I’ve studied psychopathy and all the professions that attract a psycho/sociopath and B) because I canvassed their doorsteps every day for the last 8 months.

There are certainly exceptions to the rule and I’ve met some down to earth people in these jobs but for the most part they attract the socio/psychopath.

For example at our stall today, I struck up conversation with a quite a few of them. I asked what school they were from and I asked what the principals name who deals with the buying process of the products name was? I got a very firm and cold ”I’ll let them know you’re interested”. I asked a second time and the response was ”Look I’ll take your card and let them know, they will ring you if interested”.

My boss recognized this trend and said ”what is wrong with people today?” I laughed and explained teachers are socio/psychopaths. There’s no explanation for their coldness, they just are that way and are often very snappy and controlling.

My sister is a teacher and is a psychopath. My mother in law was a teacher and is a psychopath. loads of people with this illness choose this profession. What other sorts of professions do psychopaths choose? They choose ones like entrepreneurs, lawyer, dentist, surgeon, police man.

Psychopaths have a tendency to do well in these professions and be successful because they don’t allow themselves to be controlled by emotions and have zero empathy. Many of us make decisions you see based on whether we are happy or sad.

The psychopath doesn’t do that and he just makes a decision based not on how much he likes you but whether or not you’re giving him the better deal. You’re personal sob story to them means nothing and unless you’re useful to them in some way they cut all ties with you.

When an SAS soldier was asked in an interview what it was like to kill someone he said he felt nothing. He just saw it as ”another job well done”.

So when the teacher who snapped at us and refused to reveal the name of the principal what was happening is she felt she was not in control. A controlling person like this woman is not used to being asked questions, she is used to asking the questions.

She didn’t feel like she was in control and so this would explain her and others like her refusal to answer a seemingly innocent question. Sociopaths don’t like giving and so when you ask even just a question as I did it’s seen as taking from them. You’re of no use to them and they’re certainly not the charitable type.

Their anger is an impulsive habitual response that is all really. They say we cannot live without psychopaths and that the world needs them. What do you think? I would opine that psychopaths have destroyed the world and that someone with no empathy and love would be a very cold and lonely world they live in. It would also not be the type of person you’d want behind the big Red nuclear button.








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What Is Freedom? 


 If I told you today that you’re going to prison for no apparent reason other than you’re just not liked for being a Christian, and will be placed in a cell with the worlds most notorious serial killer, what would happen?

Go on, before you read on try to place yourself in the shoes of someone going into that cell and being put there for life. . .

Describe in the comment section below what emotions you experienced. If you experienced any kind of anxiety, fear or nervousness then you are not yet a free man. If, in the midst of your distressing situation you felt anger, upset, afraid, anxious then, even though you may believe in God and have regardless his heavenly reward,it does not preclude that you are free.

Is your wife causing you distress. Is the way she talks, eats and picks her nose bothering you? Then you are not yet free. In fact, you are enslaved to others because you become upset and angry on the occasion of their behaviour even if such things they do are vile and horrible.

Not only can we be enslaved to others, but we can become enslaved to the cultural norm around us. You’ve heard it before we must succeed in passing the test and if we don’t we must get upset because it wouldn’t be normal NOT to get upset. Isn’t that so ridiculous? and yet everyone around us day in and day out are a victim of this.

We are like little birds with a string attached to our legs unable to fly beyond the Sacraments of the Church and daily devotions, advance spiritually because these are the very things that hold us down.

Of course, for those of us who never become free of the string, God will come and cut it someday (when we die). Then there are those who are ”aware” of the string which is much better than total ignorance. At least then you can wriggle your way to freedom.

Then there are those who actually break free from the string because they have been given the grace to do so.

What is the string? It’s anxiety, fear, anger, hatred, sexual immorality. It was built by the culture around us to prevent us from attaining the heavenly heights. It is all those people who talk behind your back. It is the man who raped your daughter and whom you cannot forgive. It is the weight of the world and Satan holding you back but once you’re free, you are now the appropriate slave of Christ and a freedom very few (including myself) attain.

This kind of spiritual height however is usually attained by those not living in the world. But like a dog who eats the scraps, if we even manage to fill our spiritual bellies with some of this valuable information, oh how navigating the interior AND exterior life would be made so much easier.

To be able to sit in prison and find happiness in the four dark walls that surround you for the next 20 years, this is what it means to be under the instruction and oppression of another and yet more free than the person who enslaves you. It won’t be long before the prison guard sees how free you are and begins to question the piece of string attached to his leg preventing him to fly.

True freedom consists in being attached to God not to others. If you are attached to your car and become upset someone threw paint all over it, you are enslaved to something not made by God but by man and so you’re an idolater of the material.

This is what Jesus means when he says if a man asks you for your cloak give it to him. Be free not only of the material but the actual conceptual images and indoctrination of you’ve been taught since the day you were born.

You were taught to seek the praise of others. You were taught that you must try to impress others and that when you were applauded by your peers you began to feel so great inside and this feeling is necessary for living.

It is like Heroin, it controls you, you need it so badly the approval of others and if you don’t get it you become so depressed and feel so unloved.

You visit a psychologist not to cure you from your stupidity but just to listen to your garbage for an hour to help you alleviate your pain of being rejected by your wife, husband and girlfriend.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have mercy on those who live in darkness (and we all live in Darkness and stumble from time to time) because you can’t help but have mercy for them. They’re not perpetrators, they’re victims of the world and victims of themselves. They’re hurting, they need our love and sometimes love comes in the form of a very firm but necessary crash course in what it means to be free.

St.Maximos the Confessor says that we must show mercy to those who stumble in darkness. What is the darkness? it is that string tied to the bird’s leg. That’s what darkness is and finding the light switch can be so hard sometimes but it is possible only when one desires to be free or has someone in the room shouting ”Over here, here is the light switch, come follow me”.

Because we all need someone to guide us don’t we? Without them we remain in the darkness. We wake up in the darkness, receive Holy Communion in the Darkness, confess our sins in the darkness, go to work in darkness, make love to our wives in the darkness, then we die in our darkness and only then do we see the light of Christ.

But we can see the light of Christ now, we just need to look for that switch.

I’m not asking you to follow me because I’m still looking for mine.

God bless.



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