X-Factor Winner Matt Cardle On Late Late Show


About two weeks ago I noticed Matt Cardle on the Late Late Show Ireland. He said something interesting that stuck with me. He said that it is much easier to be wanting a record contract than it is when you get it. Because when you get your long-awaited contract it’s much harder to hold on to, and if you lose it that could be it for you, no more career.

Here we have a perfect example of what it’s like to be living in constant anxiety. We are always after something in life and will often step over others to get it. Then once we have it, we are so afraid of losing it we will no doubt repeat the process of stepping over people to keep it. We often say ”I’ll get through college and then I’ll be happy” Forever putting conditions upon our happiness. But then when we get through college we say ”ah I’ll be happy now once I get a job, I’ll be happy once I retire, I’ll be happy when……” and we end up never being happy.

The only step forth to true happiness is at first admitting we really are not happy at all. That we are indeed miserable people. Then and only then can we at least be on the road to glimpse happiness. But our worldly anxious ambitions tie us down and refrain us from doing so. Oh wait a minute, did I just blame the ambition? hmmm I need to look more into myself then huh? The proper way to say it would be that ”its our pursuit of ambitions that tie us down.”

There is of course nothing wrong with our pursuit of ambitious dreams, but it’s how we approach that pursuit that matters.

Be Happy

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