The Church Rejects Contraception…Why?

Many people harbour the opinion that the Catholic Church is against sex or that ”Our bodies are bad” or ”we shouldnt think about sex”. The Church is far from it. Rather the Church embraces sex and gives it it’s true authentic meaning. They think that the Churches views on contraception is an ancient teaching that refuses to accept the modern era and how we live now with our idea that we must practice ‘safe sex’. But when did sex become dangerous? When does alcohol become dangerous? it becomes dangerous when we abuse it right? When we decide to indulge it,  twisting  it’s very purpose, it becomes a threat to our very lives. Take this analogy and apply it to sex and there you have a perfect example of when sex becomes dangerous.

There is nothing dangerous about sex in the true sense of the word. But when we twist it, and/or decide to use it to indulge our own selfish desires then it becomes dangerous; And we use all methods available to us so we can continue to indulge in our selfish desires in order to reduce the physical dangerous effects it would have on us i.e sexually transmitted diseases. But even with the use of these contraceptive tools to reduce this physical danger, there is another danger more serious than the physical and that is the death of our very souls, not just in the afterlife, but right here and now, we become miserable when we our under the illusion that, the more we feed our thrill of sex, we are ‘happy’.

The Church of course teaches us that responsable parenting is necessary, this is why she permits Natural Family Planning. Not to indulge our distorted sexual desires, but for grave reasons such as Physical, Mental or financial problems that would exist. Studys have shown that this form of responsible parenthood is 99% as effective as modern era contraceptives such as the oral pill amongst other various forms.

Isnt the Churches teaching NFP just the same as contraception? Whats the difference? The difference being that NFP is open to life and created by God as part of his plan for responsable parenthood and our bodies. Whereas the modern-day pill was created not by God, but by man himself in order to distort the very structure of our bodies in order that we could indulge our sexual desires whilst rejecting responsibility and leaving our bodies open to life. In other words by use of the pill or condom, man has placed himself in the throne of God, pushed him aside and decided to make all the decisions concerning our bodies, the very bodies Christ created in his image that is an icon that points to Christ himself. Studys have also shown that the pill is not as effective as we think, and it creates a whole host of other physical problems to our bodies such as irregular cycles and breast cancer.

Thats not all, Christ who created us in his image also asked us to be fruitful and multiply. We call him ”Father” because he gave us life and we received this gift. Christ The Son Of God came in the new testament and impregnated The woman ( St.Mary ) with Divine life. Christ the bridegroom comes and Marry’s the Church (  his Bride ) by giving up his Body and shedding his blood for all of us as a perfect sacrifice in order for us to receive this Divine life. If he held any of his blood back, then it wouldn’t have been a true sacrifice. Likewise A man who reflects God’s image gives up his body as a sacrifice to his bride as his complete commitment to her, but if he holds back his seed ( to you that’s poetry for semen ) then he has not really committed himself to her and his sacrifice is not a true one or in truth.

We live in a society therefore where either many Christians repress sex and say ”I’m not going to think about that, oh oh oh bad bad bad sex” or in a world where many Christians indulge in sex as means to deal with it and say ”oh hey I’m gonna have me some of that and plenty of it.” Yet both views of sex completely miss the mark and the very narrow road that Christ has laid out for us to walk on. Both views of sex make us anxious and unhappy and miserable. Repressing it just carves out a path for when we can take it no longer and want to indulge in it. Indulging in sex only carves out a path of getting sick of it and thus repressing it as a way of dealing with it. We then end up like a pendulum swinging from one unhappiness to another.  Only in truly accepting sex as ”Good” in light of Gods plan for our bodies can we truly be happy in not only practicing sex, but talking about it and not being afraid to do so.

So in summary: artificial contraception teaches us that sex is dangerous. It pushes us to indulge more in our selfish desires. It teaches us to reject responsibility of our bodies and to be open to life and creates a host of other physical problems such as irregular cycles and breast cancer to name but a few.

Natural Family planning however is always open to the possibility of life. It calls on us to practice responsible parenthood should we be in either mentally, physically or financially incapable of a large family. It also calls us to recognise the true nature of our bodies and Gods plan for us to be fruitful and multiply. And it does not impregnate our very bodies with cancer or our very souls with unhappiness and so on.

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