No Room At The Inn


Christ Has Risen!!!.

Hello to all. So today I watched Jesus of Nazareth. In Scriptures there is a point where nobody will give Mary and St.Jospeh along with Jesus any room at the Inn. They get turned away several times.

It got me thinking about how Jesus wishes to enter our hearts, yet many of us refuse him entry into our hearts and to accept the birth of the Good news. It also symbolizes the many times Jesus came to us through authentic Private Revelations/prophecies through people like Vassula Ryden, Medjugorje, garabandal and Fatima to name but a few.

But we turn him away and refuse him entry. ”The house is full” we say. But full with what? Full of blindness, ingnorance, arrogance, vices and sin. When our house ( heart ) is full of these things how can the great king enter? Today would you welcome someone into your house if it was dirty?

Ask yourself: if I were an inn keeper in the scriptures and I knew the Messiah was looking for room under My roof, what would I do? right now? what would I do? I would make room. I would do whatever it was possible to make room, I would have possibly thrown one guy out of one room to sleep on the floor in the next bedroom with someone else. Either way I would certainly make way for this great King.

But let us now focus on where the Messiah is finally given room and decides to take shelter after being refused by the rich and the proud. He is given a dirty, poor and smelly stable. He is born in the lowest of lowest conditions. The most humble of conditions. Who are the stables and what do they symbolize?  they are the stables that are the poor. Those considered to be the rejects of society. These are the ones who accept Christ into their hearts with gladness and joy. These are the ones Christs visits because he knows they will accept him.They make room for him. They readily accept his message and are humble.

So lets ask ourselves this final question: How many times have I failed to recognize the Messiah when he knocks on my door looking for shelter and have said: ”Sorry, no room at the Inn”?

Happy and Holy Easter to all

Christos Voskrese

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