Spiritual Burnout

Spiritual Burnout

I think a lot of us often don’t know how to pray and have suffered from spiritual burnout. Often this happens to us. We begin to pray, but because we have no discipline or spiritual director for prayer, we can often end up doing too much, then we burnout and can end up worse off than we started. It can sometimes be a case for people such as burning out and not going to mass anymore or praying for a couple of months. Or it can have even heavier effects on our mental and physical selves and I’ve often heard stories of people just having mental/nervous breakdowns due to doing too much.

This is what the devil does. He tricks us into to doing too much. I often fall victim to this so it is probably why I am writing this post. He likes to make you think that you must please the Lord more and more and more and keep going and if you stop ( he puts this thought into your head ) then you are displeasing to the Lord and so on.

So if you are doing too much at the moment, join me in striving to search for a spiritual director or in creating a prayer plan. I’m going to try to do this ( Start off small with just one rosary a day and so on). Making sure I’m not neglecting chores that the Lord knows need to be done, but due to my burnout attitude neglect to do.

God bless

The Domestic Monk

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