The Ego Is Everywhere

I’m a musician, singer/songwriter. I left the practice for a while as I did not quite like the whole danger of egoism it involves. But I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no escaping the ego. It’s everywhere you go whether it be something as a person who is elected manager at Mc Donalds to classes such as theology in college, politics, Art, poetry or just about any profession. It’s hard to escape. But I think the solution is not to escape from it but confront it with God’s assistance and thus keep it under control. But it isn’t easy.

Sometimes I do wish I could just get away from it and it can be a struggle to confront it. While the idea of a life of constant calm and free from worry in this world would be a nice one, it is however a state of delusion to be living like that. The Christian life is indeed one of struggle and it’s something we need to accept. There are moments of peace but we must struggle also, this is what Fr.Lazarus of St.Anthonys Monastery in Egypt tells us anyhow.

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2 thoughts on “The Ego Is Everywhere

  1. It seems strugge is often excellent spiritual ‘grist for the mill’

    • The Domestic Monk

      Yes that is true. St.Gregory of Sinai said that God often allows temptations and so on in a bid to spur us on and help us grow in the Spirit.

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