Fr.Tony Flannery silenced by the Vatican

I am confident most Catholics and Non- Catholics have heard in the media that Fr.Tony Flannery is under investigation as well as the whole group known as the ACP for his/their liberal views and dissent from Church teaching. I can only say I am not surprised. I don’t know Fr.Tony Flannery and only know the ACP through the media and what people have said about them which is not good apparently.

One of his supporters happens to be Fr.Egan who quite openly challenges the Churches Faith and Morals with no sweat. So I do think that he ( Fr.Tony Flannery ) being silenced and disciplined by the Vatican is a good move.

I also think that this is the year of victory for Christ as the SSPX the extremist left-wing group are also being dealt with too. Both these modernist and fundamentalist groups have done a lot of damage to us simple folk with their crazy ideas and doctrines. But in the middle of these groups is the Catholic Church, you know, that narrow road that we are all meant to be walking on.

No doubt this investigation on Fr.Tony Flannery will be seen by many who agree with him and support him as a ”persecution” that mirrors that of the true saints of old such as St.John of the Cross and St.Ignatius of Loyola. *sigh* So I would invite anyone reading this to pray for these two groups who are trying to create a Church within a Church that they return home. May I suggest sending them a Catechism?

God bless

Domestic Monk.


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