We Are All Disabled

There is a lot of us who tend to distance ourselves from those with a disability albeit physical or mental or it could be a combination of both. The truth is we are all disabled. Nobody escapes the mental and physical disability so why do we speak of persons as such and differentiate with them as if they were a whole different ”breed” of animal altogether, as if they are less human than us so-called ”normal” people?

I heard it was once said that the only reason the whole world ( yes that includes me ) are not all in a mental institute is because there are too many of us. We all have crazy ideas about love, sex and materialism. We all have anger, lust, pride and other abominations within us too. For as long as we have these inside us, we are disabled. For as long as we fail to see our next of kin ( whom we view as disabled ) as some sort of less than human person and not as our Brother whom we should love, we are disabled. Our failure to Love one another in Christ and obey his Gospel is our disability.

With all that in mind, I invite you and myself to think about that when we next encounter someone with a missing limb due to an accident or to a person who has down syndrome or someone who is mentally ill…to look inside ourselves and see our own disability and to then see that we are no different from them at all other than our disability takes on another shape than theirs and each to their own. We begin to see people then, not for what we imagine them to be, but for who they really are…Members of Christs body and our very next of kin.

God bless

Domestic Monk.


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