Pain Is Prayer

Recently I have been suffering with nerves in my teeth. I don’t know how many times I’ve been to the Dentist in the last few weeks. I have also had one back tooth pulled. One night lying in bed I was in so much pain I began to get angry and bitter and then…opposite me in the room amongst the lit candles I have burning throughout the night, I saw a Crucifix. Suddenly I began to understand that my pain was nothing compared to what Christ went through to set me free. He experienced the ultimate pain so what am I moaning for?

Still I lay squirming in the bed and the whole side of my face was numb with pain. I tried to pray the Jesus Prayer or Our Lady’s Holy Rosary but I was not even fit to do that. I was in so much pain that I could hardly concentrate on anything else. Then in my mutterings I offered the pain up to Jesus for the holy souls in purgatory and then prayed to Bl.Pope John Paul II. After I did this the pain went away and I felt nothing and then had a great nights sleep.

I realized that our pain is an opportunity and not a burden. It is an opportunity to turn what we think is burdensome and a hindrance into a precious gift to be offered to the Lord for the holy souls suffering in purgatory, to relieve them of their greater pain, the pain of being separated from Christ.

In other words….Pain is prayer and when we cannot pray, our pain speaks for us.

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