Top Ten Tips On Saving Money

ImageHere are my Top ten tips on saving money, especially for the climate we live in.

#1: Avoid taking out loans

Avoid taking out loans, especially the ones from money lenders and banks in which interest is charged. Do your best to live by your means and what you have. Never owe anything to anyone ( friend or foe ) and sorrow will not come knocking at your door.

#2 Avoid being too social.

Being social is great and it is always nice to meet with other people of all creeds. But when this socializing involves spending a lot of money i.e food and beverages etc or the purchase of products, do your best to avoid invites to anywhere like this that requires you put your hand in your pocket. If it will be cheaper to make the food and buy the beverages at home then do this it at all costs.  The benefit of having family and friends around to your home can be a fresh of breath air and can create a more fun environment for all parties ( including wedding parties ). This all depends on you and how much you allow society to dictate to you on how you should prepare a party. If you are dictated by the desire and need to simply ”impress” your friends by buying a BBQ beyond your means when money is tight, there really is no other person to blame but yourself when you are left without because we all know your friends will not be there to pay your electricity bill when it comes. Laughter today but sorrow tomorrow know what I mean?

#3 Buying Clothes

Buy your clothes in thrift shops and second-hand clothes shops or rummage/car boot sales. Don’t be worried about what is the latest fashion or what you are to wear ( Matthew:6:25 ). Don’t be dictated to by society on how you should dress. As long as your dress code is in modesty and pleasing in the eyes of the Lord, don’t be worried about whether or not your granny made it or if it has fancy labels on it. If it’s cheap then put it on. Make contact with your relatives and cousins for any clothes that they no longer want but would have available on demand for yourself and family.

#4 If it is on the shelf then you can eat it.

Again in the same verse of scriptures ( Matthew:6:25 ) Jesus tells us not to be worried about what we are to eat. My motto when going into shopping markets such as Aldis or Lidls is ”If it’s on the shelf it’s edible”. Therefore avoid fancy brand named products. There are many other companies offering the same based product for less. It don’t taste the same but it fills the belly and is just as nutritious as the brand names. So start acquiring new tastes and put it in the trolley. You will thank God for it later trust him.

5# Gardening and DIY

Do your own DIY and Gardening. There are plenty of easy step-to-step guides out there on how to do it yourself so there is no excuse for wasting 40 euros on some guy to come cut your lawn front and back and clean your windows or put on a door handle. Do it yourself. If you find you do not have the tools for a specific job at hand, either contact a relative or neighbour nearby who may have the tools. If all that fails you then simply wait ( if this particular job does not require immediate attention ) and put the money aside and save until you do.

6# Getting rid of what you don’t need

Sell Sell Sell!!!! Anything you have lying around that should be up on eBay or amazon then get it up there and get rid of it. It is simply dead money lying around doing nothing. So don’t be a hoarder cash in and get rid of that stuff now!.

7# Bring the Salon/Barber into your home

On average a male will spend 10-15 euro every two to four weeks on a hair cut and a woman will spend 120 once every six to eight weeks. Oh…my…..are you serious? We are giving people this money? Ok so it’s time to go buy your own materials for cutting hair and taking a lesson on how to do it yourself. There are many books and videos out there ( even on YouTube ) of how to trim your beard, cut your hair and style it for both females and males. Alternatively it is always a good idea to have a relative in the family household take a course in cutting hair whose charitable job it will be then to cut and style your hair when needed. Ideally it would be a good idea to have two family members study this so that everyone can get their hair done free of charge. I recently bought a hair trimmer for just 15 euros. Wow!!! no more 10 euro every two to six weeks. It’s either that or grow your hair and beard and cut it only every 6 months or so.

8# Walking and cycling is good for the body and soul.

Got a car? Always running to the shop in it that is literally around the corner? No more my friend no more. Get out and walk/cycle to it. Even if the town is half hour away, forget the bus and take your two legs or wheels there instead. Getting around the city in a bicycle by the way is much easier than in a car…trust me…just try it. If you need to take trips to the likes of the city and it requires bigger transport than mentioned, then take the public bus or tram. Do your best to cut down on useless use of the car you have in the driveway.

9# The Gym

Bench press your washing machine ( haha just joking ). But seriously try to create your own gym at home. Approach your local council and encourage them to place Gym materials in the local park. We have and it works great for those who want to cut down on attending the Gym. Do it all at home. There are many exercises that one can do at home that mimic the silly machines at Gyms created just to lure you into digging out your savings.

10# Fridge freezer and electricity etc etc

Avoid putting your Fridge setting too high, people make this mistake all the time. When summer comes they turn it up high and when winter comes they leave it up there and electricity is wasted. Also the steel rings on the back of your fridge collect dust and dirt. This dust and dirt requires your fridge work harder to keep the fridge cool and the end result is that you are wasting electricity. So get it out ( if you can ) and clean the back of it.


I hope these tips help you. Like any advice it does not take that first step for you. You must take the first step and take action on saving money. Most of these tips require we get out of our laziness. So I would invite you to pray as you consider putting these tips into practice as they require a complete change of life and one for the better. I have never taken out a loan in my life and have usually followed all of these and never suffered when the recession hit. I have a social life, clothing and food and a roof over my head and never had to worry about buying anything. Again I hope this helps you.

God bless

Domestic Monk

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