That is a nice jacket you have!

Last night I decided to get to work with my new trimmers and teach my wife how to cut my hair. Lo and behold she and my mother butchered my hair. I had to rescue it by going to my local barber.

Interestingly enough I sat with the barber and chatted about everything and anything that came to mind. After some time chatting the barber said to me: ”That is a nice Jacket you have”. I was wearing a green kind of rain coat. I replied ”Oh this? it’s just a rag or jacket I have lying around the house that my brother gave me to me.” ”Really?” the barber said in astonishment, ”That jacket you have on you is worth 200 euros” ( about 300 U.S Dollars ).

Isn’t that strange? All I saw was a Jacket. What he saw was a jacket worth 200 euros. It had no value to me at all. All it was to me was something that kept me warm and the rain off my back. It reminded me of a story I heard about an American who went to this indian tribe and he noticed the indian chief was sitting on a Diamond. He said to the chief ”Look, it’s a Diamond.” and the Indian chief replies ”No it’s a stone” and so the argument went on.

I find it funny how we put value on things. When we find out something in our possession we cared little for has great value in the eyes of the world, anxiety sets in now lest we lose it. Whereas before there was no anxiety about it at all and we could not care less whether or not it ( Jacket, ring, pair of pants ) was run over by a lorry or a truck. But the moment we learn it is of great value we lose something that is of even more value to us than money and that is our peace of mind huh?

Just some thoughts for today

In Christ Jesus and Mary Mother of God

Domestic Monk

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