On Being Embarrassed To Talk About Sex In Public

I bought an audible book for my kindle ( because the readers edition was not in kindle format ) by Catholic author and theologian Christopher west entitled ”Good news about sex and marriage”. Long story short – I could not download it for the kindle because it needed a ”wi-fi” connection and I was stuck with 3G. So off I go to an internet cafe with my wife. This cafe had wi-fi and I decide to download the book. I have never used audible on the kindle before really apart from the electronic voice that comes with it ( which terrible by the way ). As I hit the play button to check if it works, lo and behold amidst a crowd in the cafe it blasts out on full volume ”Welcome to the Good news about sex and marriage”. I nearly died right then and there. My face went that red that if I crossed the road cars could have mistaken me for a traffic light and stopped, waiting for me to turn green.

Perhaps I got a giggle from the crowd around me or a few daring looks, I’ve had those before prior to my conversion when I was in a pub and all us men are going on about sex outside ( although trying to keep it low-key ). I found my embarrassment obvious and odd but later when I arrive home I got thinking about how we live in such a liberal society that promotes sex everywhere on TV, on posters, in magazines ( and I don’t just mean the top shelf ) and in the way people dress too. We also see this sex advertised on public television with the sale of condoms and other forms of contraception. But how/why does a society who giggles at even the word ”sex” mentioned in a public space on the other hand so liberal and open about it?

I reasoned that it is because the original meaning of sex has been reduced to ”dirty talk” and not something we should ”talk about sshhh”. When nothing could be cleaner and more beautiful than the gift of sex itself. It is also because – however distorted our view of it might be – we have been created by God to view sex as something sacred, as a gift of God, yet, for all our liberal views of it, we still can’t seem to openly discuss it in a mature adult way because we have been taught to approach it by society in an immature manner. And anything that we approach in an immature manner we abuse don’t we? Society has abused the whole concept of sex, yet if we were to live out the meaning of sex in the way God had planned for us, we would have much more control of it and a better understanding of it not being scared of talking about it.

People often think that it’s Catholics who are afraid to talk about sex. And although this can be true for many Catholics who have not yet better understood how their faith celebrates the gift of sex and have yet to study that area of it, It is nevertheless the immature society around us that abused sex to the point where we image the beast of the field who knows neither right from wrong that has destroyed the true meaning of sex. That goes for the liberal group who is not afraid to talk about sex too though, but the minute you approach this group with the Catholic view of sex you get the response ”What goes on in my bedroom is my business”, yet have no problem invading what goes on in our bedroom with their imposing adverts of condoms and magazine articles that teach us how to become ”porn stars” in the bedroom rather than an honest loving ”husband and wife”.

I recommend reading Christopher wests ”Good news about sex and marriage” because later on when I got a chance to sit and listen to him, he actually covered this whole embarrassment from a Catholic perspective in his book as well as a whole host of questions and answers about the Churches teaching on sex. He does it using Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

You can find out more about Christopher here on his website.

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