The X Factor USA and UK

Dear Readers,

Every year I have the pains of watching what often seems like a great program to many. I am tired to see reality programs which uses people ( especially some who may have some physio/psychological problem ) being used for the rest of the worlds entertainment and to be laughed at and derided time and time again. My wife says ”but they get up there and do it so are they not partly to blame?”. What many do not know is that these people must pass a first audition and set of Judges that are not the celebrity Judges themselves. These first set of judges act as a filter to ensure that the best music is sent to them. But many of these Judges permit the really bad singers in that the world may get a good ”laugh” at them. By letting them pass through they already have lied indirectly and abused the person who can’t sing, by letting them through. Letting them through heightens within the person the idea that they can sing, so when rejection and laughter comes from the celebrity judges their reaction to this rejection is sometimes great and it provokes them to anger and even more laughter from the audience.

We seem to have moved from the coliseum of physical torture for entertainment into to the realm of mental torture and it is truly sad to see us humans degrade ourselves in such a manner.







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