I Saw A Saint Once

Long before my conversion to the Catholic faith I am pretty confident I saw a Saint. A cousin of my father who lives in a village had a granddaughter who lived with him. She had Cerebral palsy and she couldn’t speak well. She was only 15 years old. When we entered the house she would be all cozy in a tartan blanket on the couch watching TV. I recall Pop Idol being on the television at the time. She never took her eyes off me ( I was 16/17 at the time ) and smiled with a beautiful smile, a smile that one could recognize all of heaven in.

Jokingly her Grandfather said ”What did I tell you about boys? snip snip” and we all laughed and he said ”You look like a member of one of her favorite boy-bands hmmm” and he smiled.

After a short while of conversation we left the house. The following year we learned that she had fallen asleep in the Lord. So my Father took me out to the wake so he could say some prayers. There she was in the coffin and her eyes were opened. They sparkled and she was smiling. Later I asked my father why her eyes were open and why she was smiling? He replied that the moment she passed away, her Mother was at her bedside and she gently said to her mother, ”I hear the angels mama, they are coming to take me, do you hear them?” and she passed away with her eyes open in that moment and smiling.

It is said that the Church does not ”create” saints, she recognizes them, and admits that there are many saints she fails to recognize. This little girl I do believe is a little Saint that humbly fell through the cracks of such recognition. I would be doing well to ask her for her prayers.

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