The Polar Express And The First Gift Of Christmas


I am not normally into the whole Santa Claus films in which materialism seems to be the pinnacle of influence on children and sends out a lot of false vibes about the true meaning of Christmas. But in these films there are truths that I enjoy watching.

If you want to know the full story behind the movie, I would suggest you google it: ”The Polar Express”.

In the movie towards the end, one boy is given the first gift of Christmas by Santa Claus. The Boy chooses the simplest of gifts which was a bell that fell off Santas Sleigh. The boy believes with his whole heart in Santa Claus and that he is undoubtedly real. When he arrives back home and it is Christmas morning he picks up his little bell. When he shakes it, he hears the bell ring out a sweet sound. His parents notice the bell and they take it off him and give it a shake also, only this time the bell does not ring for them.

I found that part of the movie pretty amazing. How many of us feel like we are talking to Jesus and he never speaks back? How many of us really ”believe” in his presence and that he is really there present in the Eucharist and ready to have an intimate relationship with him? Jesus is like the bell, we pick him up but we hear nothing because our hearts have ”grown up” and we have lost the innocence we need to get into heaven and to have an authentic relationship with Jesus, we need this child-like quality of blind and naive faith. We lack faith.

Those of us who search for Jesus in the wise manner, such as atheists who spend endless days looking for belief in Jesus within the confines of an intellectual argument will never find him. Because Jesus reveals himself to the simple, to the innocent. Even Christians are guilty of these kind of arguments too. Unless us Christians re-discover our innocent child-like faith, going to Mass on a Sunday and confession will just seem like a cultural or mandatory thing we must do, but if there is no relationship or love there for Christ, then it is all but futile and useless to us. We have all the ritual right, but where is the fire of the Holy Spirit? And then we wonder why we don’t hear him.

Many of us are walking blind zombies who don’t have the ears to listen. Jesus repeatedly asks people to hear him who ever has ”ears” to listen. But the reality is we are deaf to Gods answers, we ask him for help, he responds but due to our lack of faith we miss his response and we hear ”nothing”.

So when you speak next to Jesus, do you hear that little tinkle of a bell? or do you hear nothing at all? I’ll leave it up to you. If I could answer my own question, sometimes yes and sometimes no because sin seems to contribute to that deafness and loss of innocence.

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