Have you ever noticed how many musicians hate religion?

I once was a musician. I have good insight therefore into that type of so-called liberal world of the ”arts”. I can safely say I did always believe in the afterlife and God as a musician/singer/songwriter, but that didn’t prevent me from being infected from the so-called liberal agenda of the popular culture at the time. Even though I had reservations about the practice of homosexuality, it didn’t really bother me all that much. Same with contraception ( although abortion for me was always definitely out the window ). But I guess the contraceptive mentality didn’t bother me then as it does now.

So within this circle, I’ve noticed how musician after musician was just as liberal as the rest. Most of which were secular to the extreme and very atheist/agnostic. I simply cannot find a solution as to why the arts crowd are like this. I do know that many musicians ( like myself ) would write songs bashing what we considered to be ”the norm”. Anything that was ”normal” or mundane like the Soccer player with his football Jersey and wife with loads of fake tan was abominable and to be avoided and certainly wrote about/made fun of in our songs. But on the face of it, we can all pretty much admit that the working classes, middle classes and upper classes, regardless of how they viewed each other in their respective classes, were pretty much infected by secularism anyway at every level. What I mean is that they all ( including musicians ) were normal because they pretty much held to the same secular philosophies bombarded upon us from the Ivory Towers ( note: the ivory towers are the world of academia, such as darwin and Fredrick Neitschze ). They all agreed on evolution, contraception, abortion, practice of homosexuality and every other thing imaginable. But with all that taken note of, they ( the musicians and artsy intellectual crowd ) and the rest of society would be pretty much divided on the subject of Jesus Christ with the latter retaining much belief in God regardless of being infected with the secular/pagan world view of things. 

So here I was, approaching my conversion to Christianity. I began to question society and it’s way of thinking. I ( who always fought against what I felt was the norm ) began to wonder whether or not I am going along with the norm. When I became Christian I finally felt what true ”liberality” was. I found what going against the norm really meant in Christ. That those who ”claim” they are going ”against” the so-called ”system” of the day are in fact the ”system” itself. They are normal, and are fighting true freedom. Because lets face it, it is the norm to put our faith into scientific theories, contraception, practice homosexuality. It is the norm to hate one another, make fun of the different societal classes ( Poor, Middle and Rich ). It is the norm to disgrace our bodies with impure actions upon ourselves, to flaunt the flesh. We are caught up in the wind of ”Free to do whatever I like honey” and not the wind of understanding which is, ”Freedom is to do what I ought to do, not whatever I want to do. ”

What is not the norm then? Well its pretty much the opposite of all the sins I just mentioned. It’s not the norm to Imitate Jesus Christ and follow the Saints examples. Its not the norm to Love and cherish each other in society and speak the truth and you get it by now I’m sure.

Lets get back now to why we think musicians/arts crowd are the way they are. I can safely say having been a musician myself, most musicians are ”thinkers”. Like Richard Dawkins, musicians idolize the human mind. It is their god so-to-speak. They have it all ”mapped” out in life and have developed their own moral code for themselves. We can see how pride really lured us musicians into the pit of moral relativism and thinking great of ourselves. Like most ”thinkers” they have it all sussed out. Of course there are ways of showing them the errors of their atheism and moral relativist ways, but do they really want to listen? The answer to that question is always a resounding NO. Because one thing I have noticed about atheists/agnostics is that its not that it is a matter of sufficient evidence for them, there is all that, its just that they simply do not WANT to believe in God. Its a matter of wanting to find the truth or being caught in the illusory notion that your ”happy” in the much you lay in.

This particular crowd are often so ”tolerant” of other people apparently, according to your religion, race or sex. But I recall ( after my conversion ) having a conversation with the manager of a music venue in my town on the topic of ”abortion”. He simply said to me ”Excuse me but you have just walked into the most liberal publican house in TOWN”. What was he essentially saying? He was saying ”Get out, leave, I find you and your religion intolerable”. This being the man who apparantly is sooo ”tolerable” of everyone regardless of religion, race or sex. But I retorted ”Well if your so liberal and ”free” then why wont you allow me to have my say?”

Let me just finish up by saying I don’t have any friends from any class anymore ever since becoming Christian. When we refuse to conform to the norm, that’s the gift we are given, the gift of knowing who your friends are and what the true meaning of love is, and I find that in the abandonment of Jesus by his friends on the Cross.

God bless

Domestic Monk.













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