Childrens Rights Referendum Passed 58.0% to 42.0%

The most contaminated referendum in the history of Ireland has been passed 58.0% to 42.0% in the final figures. This is pretty close taken into consideration that there was literally no campaign from the NO side whatsoever. No posters set up to counter the Yes side and not enough radio and televised debate leading up months towards the referendum itself except for a swift week in which we saw a surge in that No debate on RTE radio and television.

I would conclude from the said dismal approach of the NO campaign that had the government given fair play, and there was a healthy NO and YES campaign from either side, that this referendum would have been defeated on those grounds. The government bulldozed this into the country using unfair means to do so by using 1.1 million of taxpayers money for a biased Yes campaign.
I suspect the NO side will be taking this to the high court who already ruled that the referendum was biased and contaminated.

But the referendum went ahead anyway. I will not be writing about what will happen to families and children as a result of this because I think many of us know already that this is an awful blow to the family unit.

May God have mercy on Ireland, who I do believe is going through a massive chastisement from above due to our sins.

God bless

Domestic Monk

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