”Call for Government to legislate on abortion” – Irish Times

So this evening the Irish Times released this article on abortion: Call for Government to legislate on abortion

It’s amazing to think that this councilor wants to legislate for abortion in cases of rape. We all know the tragic circumstances that rape can bring as we have many testimonies out there, but no amount of mental pain could ever persuade me to terminate an innocent life who was the result of another persons crime. I’ve befriended a woman who was raped and her own birth was the result of a rape too. She lives a happy life in the arms of all those who love and cherish her as does her child. Imagine someone decided to terminate this beautiful woman on the basis that they felt that ridding her from the womb would result in a better life? The fact is that those who commit abortions will not be able eradicate the mental pain. In fact it will only bring on more of it. Speak to the amount of mothers who were raped and experienced that awful crime and they will tell you themselves.

We all know that the crime of rape never justifies the crime of abortion. You cannot  mix salt and fresh water together and expect it to be a refreshing drink. Killing a child who was the result of a rape is being seen as a ”mercy” killing on the basis that the child will have some terrible life growing up is absolutely sickening my stomach. To think that someone could actually conceive such an idea in their heads gives me cause for great concern. If I was raped, I know the emotional road ahead is going to be rocky, but I certainly cannot fathom the idea of someone taking so-called mercy upon me, putting a gun to my head and ending my life.

He said he had no time for youth defence who were also against contraception and sex education. But fails to see just how contraception was a gateway for abortion on demand and the culture that is contracepting will want an even bigger contraceptive when that fails them, which is abortion. Its like the cannibas addict whose drug just isn’t strong enough, he wants to move on to the stronger drug when the previous drug fails him.

The idea that we can now not only prevent life from happening ( contracepting ), but actually terminate it because we want to live as we wish, is the biggest poverty in the world. We live in a country that has just passed the Childrens rights referendum and considers the rights of the child as paramount, but wants to rid the child from the safest place in the world. . . His/Her’s Mothers womb. The hypocrisies of hypocrisies I’m sure you’ll agree. This referendum now has been seen by the Labour party no doubt as a doorway to push every other liberal agenda upon us and railroad the rest in without any offence other than Youth Defence ( who do a fantastic job ).

Sex education in which children are given condoms in the classroom is seen by the councilor in this article no doubt as a great idea to prevent abortion. Yet its the sex education, which tells children to go out and have it, have plenty of sex is actually the primary step that leads towards to abortion when those contraceptives fail them. We are living in a society now that is teaching kids there is no value of life and that sex is not something great but just an itch ya gotta scratch like anything else, so don’t be worried about murdering a baby so you can get that college degree you want.

Its funny how councilor Bond who wants abortion legalized is himself is already born.

I’m praying for you Ireland. I’m praying for my country, our country who is relentless in its imitation of Americas abortion on demand holocaust and wishes to imitate that.

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