The Tragic Case Of Savita Halappanavar

First, may I please send out my prayers for Savita, her newborn baby and her Husband. I have no idea what I would do if I lost both my wife and child in as quick as this tragic case happened. I am truly praying for Savita and her family and have offered up a Mass to be said this evening for them.

Savita Halappanavar and her new-born baby died in a tragic case recently in an Irish hospital in Galway. To learn more about the story which is just fresh in the press, please google her name and read through the variety of  journalism on the subject.

It is not easy to comment upon what happened exactly because a medical report has not yet been established so the information surrounding this tragic case is still quite limited. However, I find it absolutely appalling that the pro-abortion lobby crowd are using this ladies death to push forth their agenda on the government to legislate for abortion to be permitted in these rare cases.

From the limited information we have, we know that Savita’s death was the result of a tragic medical malpractice. She and her Husband were told that she was having a miscarriage, that things should move along as normal and that the baby will possibly not live. After a short while Savita caught septicemia. Savita asked the doctors could they terminate ( abort ) her baby if the case was that her baby was dying anyway and she was told that because the baby still had a faint heartbeat, that this would not be possible.

There are a few things we must take into account here. It is important for Doctors to save two lives at stake and do everything they can to protect the life of both. Terminating one innocent life to save the other, is not the appropriate response that any Doctor in Ireland should take or anyone in the world at all for that matter.

Another thing we must take note of is the following:

Would the Pro-abortionists in Ireland be out in protest had Savita had the abortion and still died of septicemia anyway? I highly doubt it. Some more questions we must throw at the Pro-abortionists and that is:  why don’t you inform the world of the many many deaths that have occurred as the result of an abortion, and how come we don’t hear this in the news?

It is obvious that Savita passed away due to Medical malpractice. The answer to how the Doctors should deal with cases like this in future does not lie in the termination of an innocent life, but to learn how to better refine and advance medical treatment in such a way that it will never happen again.

I pray that we hear about the full report on this tragic case in which two people lost their lives as a result of medical malpractice and soon. Ireland is still always the safest place in Ireland to have a baby, but as we all know, safety is never a complete guarantee no matter how hard we attempt to drive that safety measure into the hearts and minds of our public.

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