The Trouble With Mitt Romney and Ryan

Even though this post may make a minor critical punch towards them both, We still voted Romney/Ryan in the Election. The reason for this being that they were the lesser of the two evils when it came to the issue of religious liberty and abortion. However, I still find it odd and interesting how their tax cuts for the rich would have doubled the nations debt since bushes administration cut them many years before. And how none of bushes policies were changed under Obama either. He ( Obama ) got the sympathy vote by many who felt he had somehow inherited bushes mess. He inherited it, but what person with clean hands inherits a dirty house and refuses to clean it? why. . . Obama of course.

I’ve digressed a little there with some Obama talk so lets get back to Romney and Ryan before I am tempted to digress again.

They received huge amounts of money from Park Avenue ( for example the Kochs Brothers ) in their campaign. Why would Americas richest pro-abortionist billionaires want to give away money on this campaign in support of the republican party? I think the answer is quite clear, they wanted that tax cut and pretty much scared the American nation into believing that Obama was a communist. Like with every election, there does be a lot of scaremongering going on from the two sides both Democrat and Republican.

We all know Obama is a complete pro-abortionist and he does not hide the fact either. His new medical healthcare bill also violated religious liberty but Romney and Ryan seem to cater for the rich and the 1% which worries me too. It is the rich and 1% that are largely pro-aborts and I have no doubt would fund that pro-abort agenda. It was quite easy for them to carry the pro-life and Catholic vote this year around because of Obamas huge mistake, but . . . would they honestly carry out their fight against abortion? What kind of educated mind on pro-life would eliminate all abortion except for cases of rape and incest ? This kind of talk worries me about the sincerity of Romney and Ryans reform.

When I was out in the wealthiest part of NJ recently I noticed a lot of Romney Ryan posters still hanging up here and there. Now most of these people aint even Catholic and some are and the people I knew that lived there certainly were not practicing Catholics nor were they voting for Romney/Ryan because of the two major issues of Abortion and religious liberty, but because they were rich and scared of Obama raising the taxes and the scaremongering that went on among them of Obama being a communist was madness.

The amount of rich Catholics on my facebook page suddenly flooded my feed by uploading photos which described poor people as moochers who should go out and find work and make it in the game of monopoly that is capitalism. And anyone who sought for a solution to help the poor was seen as a villain and a sap. So it made sense to me that they would vote for Romney because he was of the 1% who ”understood” the rest of the 1%. He sided with them on all levels, because in the end all he knows really is how to spend each day of his life learning how to build bigger and make more money like the rest of those like him. And the same goes for the Democrat Obama too to be honest. They are all crooks.

However, life in the womb and religious liberty came first in our household so we voted/favored Romney/Ryan. We felt that they were the lesser of the two evils. We felt that the right to life and religious freedom should always come first over any economical turmoil that would result from the election of any member of the democrat or republican parties. All politicians are crooks but in the end we have to vote for someone. I think this household was happy with that decision.







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