Savita, Enda Kenny And The X-Case


Osama Bin Laden attacks the two towers and bush responds by attacking Iraq. Savita passes away from medical malpractice due to a miscarriage and the government proceed to sit and discuss legislation for abortion on the X-case which would result in giving grounds for abortion for those who are suicidal. Does this not speak volumes to you of how people are just using Savitas case to propel their own agenda upon Ireland?

Us Irish people tails are easily twisted this way and that by the media and political forces. We are so easy to convince of anything and just lay down and take it.

Even our priests, bishops and cardinals remain silent whilst all of this is happening. Perhaps they are waiting for the report of the HSE to come back. To lay patient and see on what direction this takes. However there needs to be some kind of public outcry on their behalf against this X-case ruling.

What a sly attack this truly is. Savita dies, and Enda Kenny with his gang go off and talk about legislating for a completely different case altogether. The media and pro aborts use Savita’s death to create a storm in their favor for abortion in Ireland and our clergy sit back, sip on their lemonade, then continue to watch their gaelic football on a Saturday afternoon.

What a nation of victimized wimps we really are. Enda Kenny knows exactly what he is at. He wanted the nation to vote for children’s rights a couple of weeks ago telling us every child matters, but according to his proposed talk on legislating for abortion in Ireland, the most fundamental rights of children’s rights to life are being denied. What a joke of a country this really is.

Please Join us outside the Dail in Dublin Tuesday 4th at 4:30pm for our Unite for life pro-life vigil to remind Enda Kenny of his pro-life promise he made to Ireland.

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