Three Pro-Life Responses To Three Common Pro-Abortion Arguments

Many of us as Catholics find it hard to meet the pro-abortionists with their smoky and semantic arguments that they blow in our faces. We are accustomed to just bowing our heads and saying things like ”Well I am pro-life, I don’t wish to discuss it I just have faith in my Church”. But we know its important to get the gloves on and take a stand.

Well seeing as these people have many arguments, there are many common quick rebukes you can have for them that will clear the smokescreen they have created for themselves and their other victims. We will focus on just three major common ones here.

 Most Common Argument #1 : Life does not begin at conception, its not a baby either its a fetus.

Answer #1: It is a scientific FACT that life begins at conception, even the abortionist doctors themselves know this but continue to practice abortion regardless. The use of semantics may cloud our perceptions of realities but they cannot change reality itself. Call it want you want, a baby, a fetus but the reality is that human life begins at conception.

Most Common Argument#2: Its my body, its my choice to do with my body whatever I want.

Answer#2: Two different heart beats and two different strands of DNA, still think its your body?

Most Common Argument #3: What if a woman is raped?

Answer #3: the crime of rape is never justified by another crime of abortion and murder. Having an abortion will not resolve any mental health issue a woman has, in fact studies have shown that it increases mental health problems. What is needed is appropriate counselling to aid the woman in her recovery. Abortion is not a recovery plan in this case or any case.

The reason I have not backed up any ”studies” that I have mentioned ( and I can ) is that these arguments are designed to be used in a physical setting and not on the internet. They are meant as quick rebukes when out and about in the real world.
I hope this helps.




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