Eve Of The Immaculate Conception

Dear readers, this evening we went to the Rosary and Benediction at the Dominican Friary’s Rosary Center in Dundalk, Co.Louth, Ireland. I was asked to do the music but I fell sick. Instead I brought my guitar and father who can sing. He played and sung wonderfully as usual, better than me by a long-shot.

There was a beautiful statue of Our Lady Of Lourdes at the alter. During the Rosary, when I would gaze at the statue as an aid to help me focus more on Our Lady and prayer I felt a deep connection with Our Lady. The Mediatrix of all Grace was undoubtedly showering her love upon me in waves. How unworthy I was to experience this.

After benediction was over and the crowd began to leave for the evening, I approached the alter with my wife. I went over to the Statue ( and I don’t normally do this ) and had the sudden urge to make the sign of the Cross and kiss the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. When my lips touched the statue I got such a strong odour of flowers that it penetrated my very soul. To describe it is madness indeed because it is a Grace but allow me to at least try. It was like standing on top of a mountain in the summer time and inhaling the sweet frangrance of the flowers and all the freshness of the air just reaching down into my lungs.

I thought perhaps my wife will smell it, and if she does it was obviously already there for everyone to smell. So I asked my wife to kiss the statue. She looked at me like I had to heads but went ahead and kissed it. I smiled, and leaning in said ”lovely smell isn’t it?” to which she replied, ”What smell?”. I was confused so I got straight to the point. In a surprised manner and in a low voice I cried ”Did you not get the fragance of flowers?” ”No I didn’t” she replied so I told her the story.

It was a lovely evening and I am really taken back by Our Lady’s goodness this evening towards a wretch like me.

Happy Feast of the Immaculate conception. Please do remember me and my family in your prayers at this wonderful time.

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