Can taking our mind off suffering really be to our benefit?

I have been thinking recently about my wife’s illness and ever since people have known, a lot of them ( friends, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers ) have suggested that I do my best to distract and take her mind off it instead of thinking about it all the time. I am guilty of looking at it this way too. We all think that this kind of response is a normal one don’t we? ”Take your mind off the pain by thinking happy thoughts” or ”Go out for a walk in the hills.” Surely one should not just sit and mope around all day, it would drive them crazy would it not? Yes I agree to a certain extent but no further. Physical exercise is good for depression and plenty of sunlight. However, I am not so sure suppressing these thoughts about pain and suffering is a good idea. I have instead been trying to help Audrey confront this and meet it head on.

Easing her along this path, I have gently tried to help her view this suffering as something that can be turned into a great Jewel before the Almighty Jesus and how this suffering can save many many souls. I have tried to help her focus on Jesus passion and to look at him on the Cross. To ask him for the grace to understand a little bit of the mystery of suffering which he himself endured for all of us, a suffering so greater than any other on this planet. How Jesus too in the Garden of Gethsemane had a slight moment of anxiety come upon him, the human nature side of Jesus beginning to, how shall we say, ache all over like a bad flu in winter. That even though Jesus was one with his suffering and gladly suffered it for all of us, he even requested it be taken away from him, asking his father to let it pass him.

Now you see that although we suffer, there is no harm like Jesus did in praying to be delivered from it. However we must be prepared to accept that the elimination of our suffering may not be Gods will; and, planted in the soil of Gods mystery, lays something we do not see and that is the seed of greater good that sprouts into something much better than we could ever have imagined. So I say, if you are suffering, try to confront it, don’t run away into the dark alley of Satan’s trap and avoid it by gorging upon the distractions of the world, that is what the pagans do and to their own destruction. It is stupid to down a bottle of wine because it never eradicates the problem. Run all you want, the problem will always be there until you confront it and deal with it.

There is a man who is ready to do battle on the field and has no other choice, he cannot sit down and pick up a Playstation or run to the nearest cafe, he must pick up his sword and confront the enemy. I have only some idea of what suffering God allows, what suffering comes from God or what suffering comes from the enemy but we cannot run away with it, rather we should pray to God to be delivered from it, but if not, then we should rejoice in his will, even if doing so stings a little, rejoice anyway.

Go out and meet reality face to face, don’t hide from it. Meet it with The five stones of Our Lady Queen of Peace. They are: The Eucharist, the Sacrament of Confession, The Holy Bible, The Holy Rosary and Fasting. Lets invite God in and ask him to give us weak wretches the grace to submit to his will in all things. Tell him we cherish our lives that he has given us and that we avail of all the prayer and practical science he has given us to take care of these lives, but that in the end, we are happy to place our trust in him and let his will be done in us and take its course, because either here or elsewhere, we know there is no such thing as dying and our souls belong to His Sacred Heart for as long as we continue to live His Commandments, Amen.



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