New Years Resolutions – who ever keeps them?

Angus and Phil

Ever made a new years resolution and kept to it? I cannot remember ever even making one for the new year, but I do know I have made resolutions every now and again yet only to give them up after a week or two.

Every year I have to listen to my Mother tell me she is going to give up smoking and every year I end up disappointed because she never sticks to it. I often wonder why it is sometimes we make resolutions and never stick to them. I think more or less it is an addictive personality that tends to have it tough breaking free from the ball and chain of a bad habit. This habit could be physicial or even a sinful one and soul destroying such as a vice.

I remember a time when I prayed more often ( yet not as often as maybe I shoud have ) than I do now. I was a smoker and I just decided one day when going into the local monastery on a live in vocation that I would give them up seeing as nobody would be around to buy me some smokes and that all the monks didn’t smoke either. I just threw them in the bin and without a nicotine patch, gum or spray in sight, I just threw them away and did it with will power and the grace of God. That was it until two years later when I met my wife and things got stressful again. Whenever people ask my why I picked up smoking again I often jokingly replie ( much to the dislike of my wife hehe ), ”Ever since I got married”.

But it is kind of true, two weeks after I am married and I am on the smokes again. Not my wifes fault, simply my own of course. Now about a month ago I decided to give it up again but will power was just out the window this time around. This time I needed the aid of a non-smoking device and I chose the electric ciggerette. It replicates a ciggerette in many ways but without the harmful effects of smoking and you can gradually wean yourself off the nicotine by going down on the dose over the course of a few months. Google this device and have a look for yourself, it might be useful for a yourself, family member or friend.

Now I’d like to point something out to you here. Did you notice how when I first gave them up I used will power that gave no signs of craving? But this second time around I really needed some sort of nicotine aid to get me off. Why the sudden change in my behaviour to give up smoking? Why now do I not just use will power instead of a nicotine aid?

I think there are a number of reasons. Reason number one: A lack of ”wanting” to give them up, and another lies in the sure fact that my prayer life has all but vanished over the course of years. Another interesting reason would have to be that I didn’t actually make a resolution ( time or date ) on when I would finally give them up. I just happened to be there that day at the monastery, smoked the last of them and threw the empty pack in the bin. I then never smoked again. I think that the best thing to do now is not to make a resolution, just go ahead and do it, don’t make the resolution. People who make resolutions 9/10 never carry them through. Just quit right now where you are and be done with it is what I say. Don’t forget prayer though, it should always come first.

Whatever resolution you have made for the New Year, lets hope and pray you are that 1 in every 10 who carries it through eh?

God bless and have a blessed 2013.

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