Why Is Eucharistic Adoration So Difficult?

I rarely go these days and I am pretty sure I could make time for it. But when I do go it is an amazing experience sometimes, and other times I feel really disabled, almost sleepy and I just sit there in the business of my mind and wander about something else. How does the Lord feel when I do this? Put it this way, how would YOU or ME feel if we sat down to dinner with our children and none of them spoke to us. Or perhaps your a single guy and want to BEGIN a relationship with a girl, take her to dinner and she just sits there thinking to herself and ignoring you. Oh she acknowledges your presence but she really does not want to talk directly to you or at you, but just sits in your presence instead. Would you approve of this? Would you feel welcomed and ready to give someone all your time and effort to start a family and life long relationship with someone like that? Of course you would not be ready to give.

How come we expect Jesus to be ready to give us his graces if we are not interested? Jesus always welcomes us and loves us even if we don’t reciprocate the same but its up to us to take his hand and plunge into a relationship with him so he can give us all this. What is odd is that even though we understand this it is still quite difficult to do it, but hey!!! Rome was not built in a day, it takes time to build a relationship and one is not simply made in a day. We have to gradually get to know the Lord. So pray with me and help me and you put aside our distractions of the world and create a relationship with Jesus, starting off small and building it from the foundation up.

Think about St.Martha and Mary in the Bible. St.Martha is running around the kitchen all busy and her head is spinning. She gets upset at Mary and requests Jesus to get her to help etc. But Jesus rebukes Martha in a kind way for her busy attitude and such worry that she carries around all the time. He then tells her that Mary has chosen the ”Better part”. Ok so Martha acknowledges Jesus presence, but she is too busy to sit and listen to him. She is too busy busy busy. Hey, that is an image of me and you right? When in Eucharistic Adoration and in the presence of the Lord, we acknowledge that presence but our ”minds” are too busy to sit down and actually stay still and listen. St.Marthas acknowledgement of Jesus presence is ”Good” like ours is in adoration. It is good because at least it is a start that could progress. But we could all be like Mary and choose the ”better part” by choosing to listen to Jesus and have a relationship with him, even if we can only choose that better part for an ”hour”. Then we will understand why it is not a question of: Why is Eucharistic Adoration so difficult? But rather, ”why do we have to be so difficult?”

Lets try and choose the ”Better part” this new year.

God bless

Domestic Monk.

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