In Gay We Trust – Femen Topless Protesters At Vatican

No doubt you all probably heard about this.

After reading it you will realize just how vile and pointless this is. The liberal homosexual agenda seems to really shoot itself in the foot daily with diabolical acts such as these.

These people want to adopt children yet clearly in their insane nude protests convey a frightening picture of someone who is incapable of looking after themselves never-mind children. There were also many little innocent minds ( children ) in the audience. What where they thinking?

Why do the gay agenda feel the need to fight the Vatican, and Under what circumstances do they feel the Vatican is a threat to their way of life? Buddists don’t stand before the Vatican throwing stones at it because they don’t believe in reincarnation so why do those with homosexual beliefs feel the need to throw stones at the Vatican and Catholics in general?

The Catholic Church is not forcing their beliefs upon the world, but exercises her freedom of speech in spreading the Gospel and inviting people to a better way of life which is found in Christ.

The gay liberal community is a very violent towards anyone who disagrees with their acts of homosexuality if you ask me. A man told me a story of how they were in Dublin in recent years doing a procession in the City center. At the same time there happened to be a gay parade going on. They hurled abuse and threw condoms at the Catholics with little children in the crowd who understand none of it and are just down right scared of what is happening.

These are the same people who then hop on television in seductive and calm voice that would make you think they are angels and tell the world how fit they are to parent children. And that they should be given the right to adopt a child. So after having gotten topless and shouting in front of children, and throwing condoms at little children, would you be prepared to agree that a homosexual enviroment is the right place for a child to grow up in?

Of course not, thats because, as Adriano Passina of the L’Osservatore Romano said : “The human is the masculine and the feminine … the monogamous family is the ideal place to learn the meaning of human relations and is the environment where the best form of growth is possible,”


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