Jesus I Believe.

I downloaded this really cool app for the ipad. It is a catholic audio bible entitled “truth and life dramatisation of the bible”. I highly recommend you check this app out if you are able to.

There is something about listening to the bible in audio that is extremely beneficial. listening to another person read you the scriptures, even though capable of reading them ourselves, can really open up new doors of grace for the soul. After all it is how Christians for centuries learned and heard the scriptures (known as “oral tradition”).

I was listening to the Gospel of St.John when a verse caught my attention. John:5:44:”How can you believe, who receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?”

Here Jesus is rebuking the pharisees for their incredulity, giving them a reason as to why they do not believe and cannot believe in The Son Of God. It was not only a lesson for the pharisees but a lesson for us all. The biggest obstacle to believing in Jesus is pride and self glory and that is the reason Satan fell from heaven, he was looking for self glory and did not seek the glory that comes from the only God. It has nothing to do with evidence because the evidence that God exists is already there. We need faith, and in order to procure this faith we need to open our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to enter because faith is a grace which is in part obtained through humility.

When Jesus uses the world Believe in the Gospel, in the greek this can also be rendered as meaning to obey also. It has a double effect. Therefore simply saying “I believe in you Jesus” is not enough. Being active in obeying the commandments of Jesus and living his Gospel must be a result of that confession of belief in Jesus. Therefore when we sin, we disobey and all sin is a result of pride.

The Pharisees sought their own glory and it was this that blinded them from knowing the true God. It was this that kept their hearts truly far from any kind of close relationship with God. We see it in the church today, many priests and lay people are abandoning the truths of the faith because they are seeking the glory that comes from the people and not the glory that comes from God. Simply saying they believe in God is not enough, they must actively enter into a valid relationship with him and obey him.

It is the same with me and you. Daily we must examine our consciences and ask ourselves do we really believe in Jesus? Do we seek the glory that comes from the world before God? Do we obey his precepts?

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