How To Adopt A Cardinal

In the run up for the next conclave to elect a new Universal Pontiff, a website has been created for lay Catholics. The purpose of the website is a selection process in which it gives you, at random, a Cardinal to pray for during this time. You must however fill out your name, enter your e-mail address and then enter the captcha code and pray to the Holy Spirit before hitting the button to find out which Cardinal you have been given to pray for.

I did it this morning. I said my prayer “Holy Spirit please give me a Cardinal you would like me to pray for, Amen.” You would never have guessed which Cardinal the website gave me to pray for. It was none other than His Eminence Cardinal Sean Brady himself. Why is that so amazing, you might ask? It is amazing because Cardinal Sean Brady is the Primate for the Diocese of Armagh, NI and Republic of Ireland. I am currently part of the Diocese of Armagh and was born into this Diocese. back in the early 90s it was Cardinal Sean Brady who confirmed me when he was Archbishop.

I was taken back because out of all the Cardinals around the world I was given Cardinal Sean Brady to pray for and the power of prayer is truly amazing.

My wife got Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelski from Germany and my Father got Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez from the Honduras.

Find out who your Cardinal is by following the link provided. Happy praying and I will see you soon with some more new posts and topics in the coming days.

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