Look Granda, its Jesus!!! Do you see him?

My wife has cancer. We have two sons one of which is 2 years old. His name is Christian Alexander. We make regular trips to hospital in the car on the motorway which is half hour away. In the hospital is a little oratory/chapel in which Mass takes place every day and Sundays. I took my son there and because I considered the word tabernacle too much for his wee mind to consume and understand I explained to him that it was Jesus house where he sits as king forever. And he is eternally there and present.

He thought this was amazing, that he was looking at Jesus, so much so that he ran up to my father who was kneeling and praying and shouted, “look granda, its Jesus house, do you see him?, can you see him? He is there”

It got me thinking about how Jesus told mystic vassula Ryden that he wants our childlike faith, a blind naive faith is what he desires. Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit will never find its way into a crafty soul, only a simple and humble one. Children teach us how to follow Christ and I really do consider my son to be my spiritual master who reveals to me the sure path to Christ which is through a heart of simplicity and not one of crafty loftiness that involves the study of let’s say systematic theology, but one of simplicity and a pure heart beating with love.

Other things my son has surprised me with are numerous. For example we were on a train home from Dublin and I had an image of Our Lady Queen of peace from medjugorje. Two women in front of me scornfully looked on as he kept pointing to Our Lady’s image and repeatedly was saying, ” mama Mary, mammy”. Children of God are not conscious of what others think of them, they see reality and they state it, they have their faith and proclaim it and expect others to understand just as much as if they were pointing at the reality of an orange, they expect people to understand, and if they don’t understand they don’t care, it does not matter to them what people think. It is in this instance that once again my spiritual master teaches me not to care what others think and to just proclaim it. Jesus is forever communicating to me his simplicity through my son, teaching me the faith by using my son, I am convinced of it.

Anoter example of this. We were playing in his room reading books. I pull out his children’s bible and say we will open it at random and see what Jesus has to say. I opened it whilst thinking ” it’s not really the bible and just a broken down version for children, so I know not to expect anything great”. To my surprise it opens up upon ” Jesus and the children” and II was gob smacked. It brought me to tears.

One last example on the simplicity of children. I have an orthodox hymn which happens to be a favourite of mine chanted by the monks of symonpetra monastery called psalm 135. I put it on and Christian starts dancing everytime whilst shouting Jesus. It’s all in Greek so he doesn’t understand the words yet he still enjoys it and somehow his soul understands it. St.augustine said this before that where some dont understand the language of the liturgy, their soul does.

And there you have it, hopefully this post will inspire you to go visit Jesus in his little house in church. 🙂

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