When people give you that look!!!

You have many non Christian friends and perhaps will meet many non Christians in your busy day to day schedule. Have you ever run into one such person where the conversation comes up about your Christianity? Or have encountered someone who is aware of your Christianity and try to ” break you” to somehow prove that underneath your hard shell you are really just like them? I have often met people who do this and they give you that “look” of “oh come on !!! “.

These folks are given so much warped views of love by the world that they do not believe love exists or that its real. This is why they cringe when they hear Jesus talk about forgiveness because in their hearts and minds they have been told that forgiveness is impossible. Even Saint Peter who asked Jesus how many times he should forgive his brother who does him wrong, even he at that time was someone who didn’t quite know what love really was. So it’s important for us to be kind to everyone we meet who cringes or is angered at our Christian way of life. Because underneath their anger is really a reaction of fear, the fear of what they never knew or experienced which is pure undiluted love.

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