Have any of you seen the program on Ewtn television known as the craft corner? It is a fantastic show and the girls in it do a great job. But their dress code is very outdated and out of place with modern times. Hey, this is fine and I am not making fun of them God forbid, it’s a lovely dress code but its from the early 19th century onwards and does not fit in with the style of today. Now before you stop reading and skip to the comment on how nasty this all sounds please hear me out first.

I want you to ask yourself this question, if you were an irreligious person who just happened to tune into Ewtn, would you or would you not be attracted to Catholicism seeing this? I don’t think you would. I think you would view it as over the top religious nut stuff am I right? Well This is how i think when I look at it through the lense of a Potential worldly convert. If we are going to evangelise the modern world of our times then we need to blend in and as Saint Paul says, become a Jew to a Jew just to save the Jew. There is tonnes of modern fashion that can be manipulated and worn to remain humble and cover the flesh. We need to be clever in our communication of the faith to the world.

When I say become a pagan to a pagan, or a secularist to a secularist I am not saying you need to fully adopt their words or beliefs that contradict the faith or take off your Christian cloak. On the contrary I am inviting you to put on the cloak of invisibility and behave with their temperment if needs be to win them over. But approaching the world and sticking out like a sore thumb that smacks of over the top religious fanaticism is not going to help anyone. Again if you want to adopt the habit then do so, that’s fine but if you are working in the world and have a family…..please don’t do this to your kids. It’s hard enough being a Christian at school without the 1800s clothes and looking like an oddball. It’s not going to attract anyone to the faith, its way over the top and actually goes against what Jesus wants in the gospel and scatters the sheep.

Again, nobody is saying you have to drop all your dogma and morals to convert anyone because let’s be honest….. it can’t be done. Nobody is saying you can’t be a loving Christian around anyone either. What I am saying is be clever in presenting our ancient faith to a modern world. In doing that you can lead them into seeing that our ancient doctrine will always be more modern than the modern and relevant in today’s world which it is.

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