Russian Roulette

Did you ever hear of Russian Roulette? Well there seems to be a new game being played by us Catholics and its similiar to Russian roulette. Many of us who believe in Heaven and Hell, but don’t bother going to Church on Sunday and bringing the family are playing this game. We sit in out in the sun and think ” ah God is merciful, if he is any good he will have mercy on me in the end I am sure. I am a grand fella and charitable enough.”

That my dear brothers and sisters is a very dangerous game to be playing. To beat ones own breast and proclaim to be good AND the double whammy in the eyes of God of being ones own Judge and jury. Yes we may have Gods unconditional love but we do not have his unconditional approval. After all it isn’t God who sends you to purgatory or Hell, you send yourself there, all God is doing is being the just judge of our souls.

We do have Gods mercy, and we are taught that should we die with mortal sin on our souls we go directly to Hell. however God may have mercy and take us in, but wouldn’t we rather fight the good fight, go to Mass, not just out of fear of Hell but out of Love for God? Rather than avoiding God and hoping that we may fair well in the lottery of getting into heaven one day? That’s like the lazy man who won’t go out and get a Job, but rather sits at home all day buying lottery tickets in the hope that he will get rich quick one day. If your chances have not been so good in the lottery or power ball over the years, what makes you think you have a good chance with the lottery ticket of ” hope” that in the event you die God may just have mercy on you?

I apply this to myself you know. I am not just talking to you. This is a post for all of us. Have a good afternoon….

God bless
domestic monk

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