Ireland pass legislation for abortion

Today Ireland has passed legislation for what they term as “restrictive” abortion. What is heartbreaking is that the very party who we elected because of their pro life stance broke that promise. The leader of such a party, Enda Kenny, ignored all the medical evidence that abortion was not a treatment for suicide and made his party members vote against their conscience.

Some ministers did not toe the party line and voted against the legislation. One of those rebels being most notably Junior Minister for European affairs Lucinda Creighton. herself and the others who rebelled with her lost their positions as a result. They are a rare bunch of roses in a political spectrum made up of thorns who voted against their conscience in order to hang on to their jobs and that latest Mercedes. It goes to show where most politicians loyalties lie. They don’t care about their party or its leader. They do not care about pro abortionists or pro lifers. They only care about their jobs and the vote. And if spilling innocent blood means they can continue to fund their lifestyle and keep that job, they will do it and have already done it. Pride is the greatest of all evils because from it flows every other evil. Pride is the root of all other evils in the world and we have witnessed its rotten fruits today in Irish government.

The government are claiming this to be a victory as well as the pro abortionist protesters but it isn’t a victory its a loss. Ireland today has lost its status as not just the safest country in the world to have a baby, but its role model to the rest of the world on how unborn human life should be treated and viewed from the moment of conception.

We,( next to Malta and Vatican City state) were one of the last strongholds in Europe. We came under extreme pressure by Europe to legislate for abortion in one way or another. Why was this? Because as the old saying goes “misery loves company”.

The EU were furious that a country like Ireland was setting a good example to millions of people around the world. it was embarrassing for them and made them look like murderers so they wanted us to be just like them and adopt their butchery of children in order to advance their war on the child in the womb and the mother who carries him/her. Yes misery loves company. It is like the alcoholic who is annoyed by his friends sobriety because his friends sobriety is something he despises. Why does he despise it? Because it reveals to him that his behaviour is evil. It is no different with the EU and America. They despise pro life countries because they reveal to them that their ways are evil and they hate that, so like the alcoholic, do everything to break that sober neighbour of his in order to make him a copy of himself so that he doesn’t have to feel bad about his alcoholism anymore.

Yes the sun was shining today but it may as well be raining in Ireland. But one thing is for certain, when the day I go to the polling stations comes around I will never be voting Fine Gael ever again. And even though it may be raining the day I cast my vote, well….the sun may as well be shining.

In the the words of John Paul II:” when unborn human life is subject to the personal choice of another, no other right will be long guaranteed. ”

And when the whole world adopts abortion, evil and all sorts of chaos can be its only reward.

Goodnight and God bless from a very sad Irish domestic monk.

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