Magdalene survivors call Catholics to boycott Mass

Magdalene survivors have called on Catholics to boycott Mass in Ireland this weekend. Here’s what you need to know:

1) should you follow through this so called boycott, missing Mass on the sabbath is a mortal sin and would render us unfit for reception of Holy Communion until we had been to confession.

2) This immature request of the magdalene survivors made to Catholics reflects the true nature of their agenda, which is ultimately an anti-Catholic one that seeks to somehow evangelise Catholics away from their faith and damage Catholicism on this island. Ultimately your being asked to stand with them and not with Jesus.

3) There are more adult ways to discuss the magdalene case than this very childish request of boycotting the Sacrifice of the Mass. Those of us who have a relationship with Jesus and not the world will pay no heed to such a request.

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