A Two Year Old Theologian Just thought Me A Lesson

Just now, my son shocked me when he was going to bed. I took him to bless himself at the Holy water font before heading up the stairs. He blessed himself and I said ” now say thank you Jesus” he did, then I said “ok now lets go” as we walked away he eagerly pointed over my shoulder to a picture in the distance of the Immaculate a heart of Mary and he shouted, ” AND THANK YOU MARY”. So I took him over to the picture and beside the picture was one of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and he began to say ” thank you Mary, and Jesus, thank you Jesus.

What was The Holy Spirit and Our Lady teaching me? That you can’t have Jesus without Mary and you can’t have Mary without Jesus. We can’t thank Jesus without thanking Mary and we can’t thank Mary without thanking Jesus. Right? I had forgotten Mary altogether at the beginning when I told him just to thank Jesus and head off to bed. So its important we remember to thank Mary, after all she is always praying with us and for us to her Son. Our Lady is always obtaining and bestowing the special graces upon us throughout the year and every day and we must never forget the Queen of Peace.

Two year olds eh? Teaching adults about Christianity since the birth of Holy Mother Church.

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