Manipulative Disgruntled Catholics

“If you don’t see it my way papa Francis and get with the times, I might as well leave the church”.

” I go to church, I am a practicing Catholic but I don’t agree with the churches teaching on abortion or contraception”

“The church needs us so they better start conforming to our world view or we will just walk away”

How many of us hear these statements every other day? I am going to make this post very short and to the point.

If we as Catholics can’t practice our faith then our presence at Sunday Mass is pointless, we might as well be just be jumping into Hell because its of no benefit to us; you know, receiving Holy Communion in A state of Mortal sin and just adding on more mortal sin to our souls; not living our faith and bothering to pass it on to our kids. It all adds up and our presence at Mass becomes akin to trying to fill a bag with a whole in it, no matter how much you think your putting in there, your always going to end up with an empty bag. No matter how much we think we are giving to God, it all goes to waste before Jesus because it never truly reaches him because of our lack of faith in him and his teachings. You think the church needs us? You think God needs us? Think again because God suffices by himself and needs none of us. It is me and you who need The Christ and his Church, not the other way around.

You know, that, child to adult, we are all born in original sin and so we are selfish and we always want to choose what it is we think is good and wholesome but really is just leading to our corruption and death. Sin tastes good but Jesus tastes better. Allow me to explain:

My son says to me ” I don’t like vegetables or steak pie, I want something else”. I replied in a firm but loving tone ” your eating that because its good for ya, if you don’t like it, you can have a glass of water, go hungry and wait until the next meal time before you eat.” Well he did it once, he pushed it away and went off to play, the hunger started to get at him and he came to me, and he ate his food.

It’s the same with us, Jesus is simply wanting us to love him, he wants a relationship with us. Jesus is holding out to us the spiritual food. If we don’t like it? Ok then we could imagine Jesus saying: go spiritually hungry because your not getting what it is you want. I am your father and your not going to manipulate God. If you want to be worldly be worldly but you’ll pay for it eventually.

And then there are times when people do turn their backs on God like I did. I went spiritually hungry, I was like this for years. Eventually, I came to my senses, fed up like the prodigal son of eating the pigs ( the worlds) food that didnt nourish the soul. I came home and The Lord put a feast on for me. He said to me: This Is My Body, which was given up for you” and “come and eat and be filled with the bread of Heaven, the True Bread which gives eternal life here and now”

And so I ate and I was filled. And there are days when I have my relapses and go hungry and thirsty again but I always crawl back because once you have had a taste of Jesus, everything else is poison and transient because nothing truly gives you life like the Body and Blood of Jesus.

So if you are considering walking away or are currently disgruntled with Jesus and His Church, allow me to extend my hand to you in invitation to discover your faith a little more and walk with me as I climb and fall in the constant daily battle to discover my own.

God bless
Domestic Monk

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