The Christian Oblivion


For those of you who have not seen Oblivion the movie please google it, have a look at some trailers and read the description. I would like to do all that for you but I really want to get into the meat of this film and chew off the various reflections of Christianity I saw in it right away.

Jack harpers mind and all his memories are erased. He lives on planet earth where he believes a war had just finished and that the humans won the war. He is the only human there along with his companion to do the mop up job of finishing off the scavengers ( also referred to in the movie as scavs ) and he doesn’t know they are human dressed up in weird robotic suits with gas masks, but thinks they are either robots or aliens of some sort.

Everywhere he travels to repair droids the scavs watch him from a distance. He kind of knows they are there but often is unaware they are watching him. Pretty soon they catch Jack Harper and it turns out they are actually humans unlike Jack thought all along. Prior to them catching him They see Jack showing signs of life because he remembers things from his old life. As the story progresses, Jack realises he is fighting on the wrong side of the war and is actually fighting for the enemy itself. He is woken up from his robotic sleep shall we say and given a rude awakening. After Jack is awoken the droids come after him.

And here is a picture of us all. We are fighting a spiritual war. We don’t see the invisible but its there and the earth feels the effects of sin by all the wars and plagues and diseases that rebound everywhere but we attribute it to natural causes. We are asleep and we walk amongst the popular thought like Jack in Oblivion did. We are oblivious to our true selves and who we are, what our mission really is on earth and why we are actually here. We are steeped in a culture of death and populist brainwashing, brought up to behave and look at things like contraception, abortion, gay marriage and all the popular philosophies such as secularism as “normal”. We see Christians ( the scavs ) as abnormal but more on that reflection in a minute.

In the film it is the enemy Jack fights for in the beginning that holds much power in the world. They have the best weapons and mode of attack. The scavs are very limited in their weaponry and not very popular but they do sometimes come up with clever ways at bringing down the enemy and one of them is to convert all the human clones whose memories the enemy does wipe. With jack they have been successful in getting him over to their side.

Here we see in the enemy jack fights for a reflection of the devil and in the scavs a reflection of the Christians living in the world. The devil in the world seemingly has all these great weapons and the Christian voice of truth is a small one in the world. The devil controls the media, politics, music, populist books of thought that promotes atheism and a departure from our true human nature. He Has created division amongst humans looking for God and put up various mirrors to send people looking for Christ and God into several confusing directions and divided us , Catholics, orthodox and Protestant. There are currently over 26,000 denominations of Christianity in the world and as the years progressed from the founding of the true Church in 33AD, ( that is the Catholic Church ) we can see this division increased and continues to do so even within the church herself ( here I refer to traddies and modern liberals infected by secularism ).

And what about those who work for the enemy? They see us as Jack here sees the scavs. They are a burden to be wiped out and they don’t really get us. We are not part of the popular group think they have grown up in and are to avoided and fought against. The same people often show signs of life like Jack displays in the movie. He becomes interested in things like reading, he guards another human from being destroyed by a Druid because he remembered this human in his dream from an old life. So even though atheists and non Christians walk around in sleep ( and even some Christians who think they are awake ) they ( or we…I am in this too ) often show signs of Gods presence in their hearts by their sudden moment of love or charitable act for their neighbour.

That is until our prayer has God will to give them the grace of conversion. Then, like Jack, they wake up from the deep sleep. Then when they realise they have been fooled by the devil and were fighting the fight of the enemy all along they become disgusted with themselves and at all their actions against the truth, against Christ. They look at their sins and after this they shed their illusory selves, their illusory luggage of hate and clothe themselves with Christ, having discovered their true self. And like Jack in the film then become one of the hunted alongside many Christians in the world fighting the good fight for Jesus Christ.

In the end of the movie, Jack sacrifices himself to save his fellow brethren. He disguises himself and walks into the enemies domain and he blows it up from the inside. This is what all Christians are called to do but on spiritual terms. To disguise ourselves. To walk right into the pack of wolves as sheep dressed like wolves and blow it all up from the inside and lay our lives down for Christ and our neighbour who is still caught in the enemy’s grip and sleeping when he is under the illusion he knows it all and is awake. To get into the media and use popular stuff like FB and music against the enemy. Take his weapons and and turn it into good.

But so how many of us fail and how few of us there are.

Christ is always calling upon us in the Gospels to stay awake. Being given a rude awakening by Jesus doesn’t mean that, by our own free will that we won’t fall asleep again. I fall asleep daily believe me and forget to keep my lamp of faith and prayer lit so that I may see my way through this darkness. Please pray for me that The Lord will waken me up whenever I slumber. Please pray God will waken us all up to His presence amongst us and to the enemies tricks.

God bless
Domestic Monk

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