God speaks when we least expect it

There is something on my mind that I have been meaning to talk about. When God spoke to me this way when I first became interested in coming back to the church it amazed me, left me speechless and as time went on I still behave speechless but I am more use to it when it happens. What am I talking about?

I am talking about those little miracles or graces God gives us to let us know he is there. For example a friend of mine once told me that he was in his living room with another friend. They both discussed divine intervention and whether or not asking God to speak to them through the Bible really worked if they opened it at random? ” do you believe it?” His friend asked with suspicion. “Of course….I believe it …..lets do it” so he told me they prayed and he opened up the bible at random and landed on a Gospel reading. He said ” hours later, we went to daily Mass, and sure enough, at the Gospel reading was the exact same Gospel reading they had landed on earlier in his living room. He was speechless.

This happened me with truth life in God as much as it did with the bible too amongst other things that I wouldn’t go into detail about. But these little unmerited graces by God are great.

Here is my own recent story concerning my wife. She was always distant from the true life in God messages. She even used to give out to me for reading them and thought they were false. Well the other night we had a big fight over something trivial. I wasn’t very nice towards her and vice versa and I stormed out. First place I went to was confession. I came home, we made up and decided to sit and pray the Holy Rosary and do it according to the true life in God prayer booklet with its selected meditations from scriptures and the true life in God messages for each mystery.

We prayed it and then at the end I open the bible at Random and we fell on Isaiah chapter 40:3-8

Now from verses 6-8 we read “‘all flesh is grass and its beauty like the wild flower’s. The grass withers, the flower fades when the breath of Yahweh blows on them. ( The grass is without doubt the people.) The Grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God remains for ever.’

So having read all that we proceed to take the complete volume set of messages compiled into one book and Audrey takes it this time and opens the true life in God messages at random. I told her to pray like I did before she does. She does this and opens them. I told her to stop and do it again because I felt she had prayed wrongly because in the course of her prayer she had asked God to give her a message that will help her and a message relevant to what she wanted to read. I said no you can’t do this, its ok to ask God for stuff but when opening the bible or tlig messages you need to allow God to work freely and not be making demands. Ask him to give you a message that he would like you to read I said. So she closed the book and did it again.

She then opened, began reading a message half ways through and off she went. She stopped for a moment and said ” how much should I read?” I replied that she could read as much or as little as she wanted and then stop to meditate on what we just heard. So she continued to read the rest of the message then she came to the part of the message where The Lord said “have you not heard? “All flesh is grass and its beauty like the wild flowers; the grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of the Lord remains for ever;”” to read that tlig message of November 9th 1994 in its entirety follow this link : http://www.tlig.org/en/messages/888/

So…the most my wife got to was “all flesh is gra…..” And she stopped and said “oh my gosh Stephen I am freaking out here, I can’t believe this, we just read this in the bible” haha. I pressed her to finish it and she did but afterwards was very frightened and I told her not to be frightened and that God had given her a great Grace. She became giddy haha and she was excited because something like that never happened to her before. She was a woman of great faith but nothing quite like it ever happened. Now she has started to ask more about true life in God and wants to really read it all now.

So there you have it, God comes to us when we least expect Him to. what way has God ever spoken to you in your life? There are many ways God speaks to our hearts but how has he spoken to yours?

God bless
Domestic Monk

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2 thoughts on “God speaks when we least expect it

  1. Excellent posts. God speaks to me in many little ways, both in prayer and in my daily actions Often, there are subtle ways God communicates but often it can be profound. I recall one morning thinking about a volunteer service in prison ministry (which intellectually I had no desire to do but for several years I had this silent urge towards it) and I ran into a person in the lobby of our building. We struck up a conversation and it turns out he was the head of the city prison ministry in the lobby of our building.(let’s call him John). I ended up volunteering but more importantly developed a unique friendship with John. I strongly believe that God speaks to us not only through prayer but through our daily interactions with others.

    W. Ockham

    • Thank you you for your comment and great story. Yes you are right about us meeting Jesus in others. In fact, I do recall Vassula asking Jesus for a relative of hers why Jesus never seemed to smile in pictures. Jesus told Vassula that he smiles through he faces of Holy men. There are so many ways Jesus speaks to us I think we would be exhausted trying to mention all of them.


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