Christianity The True Rebellion.


You know, just before I put my head down to sleep here in Ireland, I thought I would share something that’s brewing in my head at the moment. Couple of years ago, I remember walking into my Church only to be met with some youths rushing out its doors whose faces had guilty written all over it.

I went up to the prayer request book and there it was, a drawing of a penis all over its pages. These kids must have been about 14 or thereabouts. Its very sad to see a new generation prop up like this that is angry and rebellious towards the very thing that is authentically counter cultural. We have a nation of children being fed very bad philosophy through music, media and in the classroom pick various things up from the group think that exists there by kids who were brought up with a mixed bag of ideals.

These kids are told through the music they listen to that they should go against the norm. Little do they know that abortion, gay marriage, cursing, behaving out of order, getting drunk, smoking drugs IS the norm. The very musicians and celebrities who shape their worldview and of whom they idolise are not people who are counter cultural as they make out to be.

I think such teenagers who perform unspeakable acts like I just described are exercising the rebellious gift God gave them in an entirely wrong way. We can see in them and others a desire for something great but they have chosen something lesser even than themselves. They have chosen to look at evil as good and at good as evil. Their previous generation has destroyed he family with legalisation of contraception and abortion not to mention euthanasia. The divorce rate sky rocketed as a result of all this and has dumbed down the commitment and sacrament of marital union. The whole sexual revolution has distorted true love and family life. They then have thrown this on the next generation who grew up in this mindset and is it any wonder they do these acts because they don’t view love as REAL.

How is a teenager today ever to accept the idea of a Holy family and a loving father when he grew up without? How do we explain this to a child whose experience of a family was anything but this? So of course his reaction is an angry one towards God and is to be expected. You know, not speaking for all atheists, but most of them I have met have had bad relationships with their fathers and so the idea of God being a loving Father is repulsive to them. Its very much a pshychological thing.

Yet back to the counter cultural. So yes we are living in a new generation of angry kids being fed spoonfuls of bad medicine that perpetuates the disease that somehow the church is the norm when in fact it is atheism, egoism, secularism, gay pride and so on that is the norm. It is Jesus Christ, His Church and Her teachings that is counter cultural, that are the very pill that will dissolve all their problems and wrong perceptions of reality.

If you want to rebel, become Catholic and rebel against evil which is the norm not against good whose voice is rarely echoed in the mainstream.

Christianity……the true rebellion since 33AD

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