Archbishop Eamonn Martin Will Not Refuse Pro Abort Politicians Holy Communion

His Grace Archbishop Eamonn Martin has indicated recently in a BBC radio ulster interview that he will not be refusing Pro Abort politicians Holy Communion.

These statements of His Grace are in huge contrast to that of Cardinal Ratzinger ( Pope Benedict XVI )Cardinal bergoglio ( now Pope Francis ) and Cardinal Raymond Burke all of whom reiterated the churches stance on not administering Holy Communion to Pro Abort Politicians.

I am currently and have for most of my life resided in the diocese of Armagh. I can tell you that Archbishop Eamonn Martins comments don’t come as a surprise since I met with most priests and theologians in this diocese and the place is simply teaming with a bad theology that America has long since fought and gotten over by now. But these priests and theologians are still clinging to their 1980s heretical anti-Catholic doctrines.

One theologian I met during a lecture for a theology course had a private meeting with me. The private meeting was over a theology program designed for lay people and payed for by their local diocese. The lecturer spouted heresy after heresy in the classroom and when I asked whether or not her interpretation of scripture was the view of the magisterium, She got angry and called me a fundamentalist. So I brought my complaint to this theologian in the diocese who is head of its educational department.

When he was incapable of responding to my arguments he took a desperate leap and said ” I have studied at the pontifical academy of Rome, I should know these things, I have been breathing theology since the 60s”. I didn’t say this but the thought “and Saint Peter was a fisherman” did spring to mind and when he said ” I have been called by God for this” the scripture verse “many are called but few are chosen” sprang to mind also.

I decided to dig a little deeper and question him on very simple dogmas of the faith like his thoughts on women priests. ” Yes women can be priests, of course they can”. It was at this point I became frightened and I stood up and left. He followed me and was not about to give up and when I broke my silence to tell him that Pope John Paul II spoke against this and reiterated this teaching on the ban of women priests not long ago, he began to criticise Pope John Paul II and a few more polite but firm words were exchanged and that was that. I walked away from ever studying Catholic theology in an academic setting again under Mater Dei College.

The very next morning I had a look on my blog stats to see someone had googled my name “Stephen Mc Elligott, theology” and the source from where it was googled was …..the Irish college Mater Dei. I wouldn’t mind, I am not a theologian, my knowledge is limited on even the most basic stuff but I know my ABC’s of the faith and there are many Clergy, lay theologians and lay people rejecting the very basics of the faith and teaching others to do the same.

My whole point is that this theologian is perhaps the very man whispering in the ears of Irish clergy and most notably in the Armagh Diocese. I can’t point fingers and they are assumptions but I can’t help but not assume this. We have a dissident group trying to create a church within a church. Do I make any sense with that last statement?

Taking into account the huge contrast between what The Popes say and Archbishop Eamonn Martin says on politicians receiving Holy Communion, it really presents a very confusing image of the faith to all. How can Bishops ever expect people of all creeds to take the faith seriously, when they themselves obviously do not? How can they think that by this very rebellion and distortion of Church teaching that they are sowing the seeds of evangelisation? Because that’s what they think. They all think they are being clever in gathering in the sheep by these statements when they are in fact scattering. They are sowing the seed of more rebellion towards the magisterium amongst the faithful.

It is a tactic employed by the dissident theologians and wavering clergy to put more pressure on the Vatican, to set them on edge so that they will somehow break that 2000 year old dogma and moral discipline to conform to their warped theology. But there is good news, and that good news is that Jesus came to tell us in scripture that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. And that’s what’s happening to poor Ireland. We are still suffering abuse and by our very own. Jesus is still being Crucified by his very own who think they are doing him a service. Careerists who care more about the pat on the back as opposed to leading the faithful have a stronghold in Ireland, but whilst evil is having its day, God will have His.

I am not accusing Archbishop Martin of being any one of these, but I think that he really needs to ask himself the question of whether or not he is listening to bad advise from local theologians either lay or clerical. I will pray for him and invite you to pray for him also because without prayers for our clergy they will fall victim to the devil whose snaky whispers in the ear haven’t stopped since he first whispered in the ear of Eve.

God Bless,

Domestic Monk

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