I am your father, and you will come home with me and be my son again

The above video is from a film called blood diamond. Christopher west shared it on his Facebook page and felt it was a powerful image of Gods love for his children. The child was kidnapped from his father and brainwashed into becoming a child soldier. In this clip his father and accomplice rescue him but the child, still brainwashed by the men turns the gun on his father. I thought to myself how right Chris was and began to think about how it is a reflection of Yahweh Love for us. For example all of us are very much a reflection of the child in this video whose body soul spirit have been kidnapped by the world and brainwashed by it. God rescues us but still brainwashed by the world we sin and just when we are about to give up and turn our back on Him and return to the world, God the Father approaches us with tears in his eyes, reminding us of our innocence, our frailty, where we originated and how he has a special room all ready for us to come home to in heaven.

It is at this point we weep and by The power of His Grace our hearts of hardened wax melt at the touch of the blazing flame of the Holy Spirit and suddenly we are completely healed of our blindness and we experience a great moment of awakening to who we are and we then hear God say ” I am your Father, and you will come home with me and be my son again”.

God bless you all


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