True knowledge of God does not come from reading books

Contemplation of God is the true theology and the ultimate theology. Knowledge of God does not consist in simply reading St.John of the cross or the catechism, true knowledge of God begins with contemplation of Him, entering into a relationship with Him through prayer and Grace not just reading “about” Christ but focusing on a relationship with Him. This is why I do believe that Pope Francis has confused a lot of us Catholics with his recent statement that he doesn’t want to focus and talk about abortion, gay marriage etc etc ALL the time. Why did we get confused? Because for most of us, evangelising people seems to only work from the top to bottom, rather than bottom to top. What I mean is that we must first begin to get to know Jesus and purify ourselves through prayer and contemplation of him before we can reach and give our assent to his teaching and understanding the faith.

We need to be fed on milk before we can stomach the solids of the faith and this is the focus of Pope Francis ministry. He is not interested in preaching to the choir. He is interested in the lost sheep and he knows the only way to bring home the lost sheep is to bring people to the core of what our Faith is, and that is Love of God and neighbour. If we can only get on that first step of the ladder then climbing the rest of this ladder to the Divine becomes much easier as we go. To get into the practice of the faith first is what’s needed.

I recall my own reversion to the faith. Yes I had to read about Jesus and come to know him that way but it wasn’t reading about him that brought me home, but having a personal encounter with Him through contemplation and prayer and His Grace that did it as well. After this Encounter of the Divine everything else fell into place over a period of time as the months progressed. After reading the tlig messages and listening to Jesus himself speak to my heart through them everything else made sense ( that is the doctrines of the faith ) and all I wanted to busy myself with was pleasing The Lord.

So this is what Pope Francis is trying to ignite in those at odds with the church, he is trying to show everyone what it is they must get right first if everything else is going to make sense to them ( by them I mean the world at odds with the churches teaching ). This is the balance Pope Francis I do believe desires from us.

Allow me to leave you with an excerpt of a TLIG message from Jesus to Vassula dated June 1 2002:

“daughter, do not look behind you; as I have instructed you, theology is the contemplation to Me, your God, this is your spiritual foundation; on this foundation then are built different levels; one level contains the Knowledge of God; this Knowledge of God is acquired through Wisdom and not from books; without the Light of the Holy Spirit, God will not be knowledgeable to you but will remain hidden; yes, it is not the fruit of the intellectual mind but a divine infusion, given by grace into the soul who has been transfigured to love;”

You can read that message in full at:

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