I Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Throw the Puritan book at me all you want but I don’t celebrate this holiday. No decorations and no costumes. For me its just a celebration of nothing but evil and everything to do with the occult. The thought of my son dressing up as Dracula and joining in on this disturbs me all the more and my soul shudders at thought of it.

Recently my wife has taken to want to dress him up ( my son that is) and get some decorations for the house. I said no and a part of me felt bad but I don’t want my house covered in the occult on the eve of what actually is all saints and Holy Souls day.

I had thought about how some American parishes in the states have taken to holding an all saints day party and dressing up as saints instead with story telling of the Saints and an explanation and focus on purgatory too. I find this much more fitting than running around from door to door dressed as a witch or something like that.

It seems to me that the aul devil himself has a distraction for every Christian feast day and most of the time it involves gluttony such as the Easter bunny, Halloween, and ( dare I break some hearts here ) Santa Claus too at Christmas time. To be honest all of these things I feel take away from the focus of each feast which is Christ. They serve as a distraction and lure. Some may say they can live side by side and the kids can enjoy both but Jesus and the occult cannot live side by side. Jesus and the glorification of food, drink and consumerism cannot live side by side.

I have in some form or another decided to perhaps relax my attitude towards the whole Santa Claus thing but it still gets on my nerves a little and I’m trying my best with it. however I’ve digressed into another season there so allow me to return to Halloween. I find Halloween to be a glorification of evil, all things occult and pranks. What makes it worse is that I am often under pressure from my brothers and sisters to join in and they often like to talk about it to my kids and I find myself becoming irritated and they get annoyed with me. But if I were to dare suggest and bring up Jesus in front of their kids and make the suggestion that perhaps they should all be going to mass every Sunday I wouldn’t be given a friendly welcome yet it’s ok for them to proslytize my kids into celebrating their silly season of Halloween and I dare not question the So called “norm”?

Its funny that is it not? You tell someone you don’t celebrate Halloween and they flip out in front of you like your mad and begin to make jest. But dare we Christians turn the tables and flip out over them not believing and celebrating Mass every Sunday And they get all offended that you are “ramming your religion down their throat” but it’s ok for them to ram their paganism down your throat with no questions asked on your part. It’s that group think society we live in. I prefer to call it the herd mentality, “they all do it, it’s been popularized so how could you NOT believe in this?

am I being a grumpy little man? I really do welcome your thoughts on the celebration of Halloween and whether or not you as a Christian family celebrate it? Can we really celebrate paganism and All Souls’ Day side by side?

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2 thoughts on “I Don’t Celebrate Halloween

  1. Most people allow their children to participate in this trite Halloween pageantry merely out of peer pressure. But, the truth is that Halloween ridicules a solemn religious feast day, turning a good thing into a banal parody. It is characteristic of the devil to turn good into evil, but it is characteristic of God to turn evil into good. God bless!

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