Why does it always rain on me?

Why does it always rain on me, Is it because I lied when I was 17? This is Travis who have long been my favourite band since I was a young teenager. The other week a charitable friend bought my wife and I tickets to go see them play in Dublin at a popular venue “The Olympian Theatre” on Dame Street.

I had never seen them live before. I got all their albums, DVDs, posters but never went to see them live… its a funny world. I always found them to be just a good decent band with great lyrics and some fantastic dreamy melodies. Being a songwriter and musician myself I would delve in a little more and say they inspired my own music and I just loved their dreamy chords. If anyone taught me anything on the the guitar growing up and how to play chords it was really this band as I had every music score sheet of every album.

I like this song here and they played it last on stage Monday night just gone. Whatever the storyline of the song may be I think it really reflects our desire to understand suffering and why the innocent often suffer or why we suffer all the time. There are times when we ask the same question to God when we get fed up and we cry out “why does it always rain on me” and we conclude its because of our sin ” was it because I lied when I was just seventeen?” We tend to blame God for everything but I often find that where mishaps happen in our life it’s usually our own fault some of the time and someone else’s fault most of the time too.

This post isn’t designed for a full on Launch or sermon into the mystery of suffering and why God allows it but just thought this song could get us thinking about how we may come to understand suffering and to ask the question…how do you deal with suffering in your life and what’s the best remedy for the black cloud that seems to chase you around on a daily basis?

I hope you enjoy the band and the song.

God bless you.

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