How Easy It Is To Enter Habitual Sin But Harder To Get Out Of It.

My 2 year old son Christian is always locking himself into my youngest sons baby bouncer but once he gets locked in, he can’t get out again. I had to bend down and undo the Mess he made so he could get out.

Having done that it made me think to myself how easy it is for us to do this ourselves. We are like little helpless children who, having once entangled ourselves in our unhealthy spiritual habits albeit gluttony, anger or drug addictions, we find that getting in was the easy part, but getting out is the hard part and not so easy at all. We wriggle and we wriggle for many many years in our habitual sins and the more we become determined to do it ourselves, the more we become entangled and become worse off for it.

Just like my son who having realised his efforts to release himself were proving to be futile having to call upon my assistance, we too eventually must call upon He who alone can save us from our ruination and He is Jesus Christ. We often go to psychologists with our problems but they can’t offer a cure, only relief, some of the time we fool ourselves into thinking we really want a cure but leaving the habitual comfort of our sinful behaviour is not what we want. What we want is someone to give us relief and to pat us on the back and give us a good excuse to have that drink or to go and have that abortion or whatever.

I find that having exhausted our own efforts to cure ourselves that it isn’t until we’ve suffered enough that we cry out for help and this can take many many years or a few days depending on us and the hardness of our hearts, openness to Grace and stubbornness. In my sons case it didn’t take him too long haha.

But like I said, Jesus is our Father who is there to help us get out of the Mess that was so easy to get into in the first place but getting out now by our own efforts is never going to work, we need to call on our dad ( Yahweh ) to come and give us that helping hand. But this helping hand will only work if we are able to acknowledge that we cannot get out of the mess we made by our own efforts, it requires a humility to be honest and say “I just can’t do this on my own”.

God bless and goodnight for now.

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