When it rains it pours

Audrey came home yesterday evening but unfortunately our son Christian was not here to greet her. He had to go to my parents house to live there because of his throat infection and fever and this is due to the fact that Audrey is on chemo and catching even a small cough could prove to be fatal for her and kill her. My parents are less than capable of looking after Christian as they are not well themselves but what else can we do? We are so stressed out about it all.

Audrey hasn’t eaten at all yesterday and has been suffering from nausea all day yesterday and today. Right now she is up in bed and I tried to feed her some soup which she managed to hold down for a little bit. She can’t seem to function at all and that’s understandable taking into account the very difficult regime of drugs she is currently on.

Audrey returns to hospital Monday for a pick line dressing and bloodwork and is to remain at home before she is admitted for the second time for another week. There is one more cycle of drugs after that and then by Christmas she will be admitted to St.James Hospital for a whole three weeks for a stem cell transplant without coming home. This will only happen if the cancer is eliminated by the first treatment she is having now.

We feel things are not looking good as she is only in her first five days of treatment and already another lump in her neck has appeared around the others already present. We pray its only getting worse before getting better and we keep on praying.

Thank you for all your prayers so far.


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2 thoughts on “When it rains it pours

  1. We are praying for all of you!

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