Eye twitching/spasms and Our Lady’s Holy Rosary

All week I have been suffering with a touch of anxiety, stress and fatigue and with all of that I have encountered the eye twitching phenomenon in which under my right eye I feel these little pulsating spasms throughout the day and they have stayed with me ever since Audrey had left for the hospital. My sister said she got them too and they are said to be due to too much stress and lack of sleep etc etc.

This evening me and Audrey decided to pray the rosary together after which the eye spasms disappeared straight away. We only got to pray three decades because the phones kept going off and then by the time we got to the end the baby woke up ( Joseph sleeps for half hour but the phone calls took up most of that half hour as it only takes 15 minutes to pray a rosary ).

I am no spiritual master of any sort and I could be wrong but I couldn’t help but think that this anxiety and annoying little spasms were from the evil one and that I’ve been under attack all week.

The simple praying of three decades of the rosary seemed to really reduce it and eliminate it altogether at least for now. The devil hates the rosary, and the fact that he uses the ignorance of innocent people to distract us from praying this powerful prayer with unending phone calls during our prayer proves it in a big way I think.

I guess the whole point of my post was to really drive home the importance of Our Lady’s Holy Rosary for all Christians both east and west and Protestants too. We should all be praying it.

God bless

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One thought on “Eye twitching/spasms and Our Lady’s Holy Rosary

  1. I like your deep faith in the Lord…. May God bless you… I pray for you and wife..

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