Was I speaking to an Angel last night?

For individual discernment: last night was day 10 of my wife’s chemo. Her blood count was really low and she got an infection in the area where her biopsy was done and it was swollen. We were all wondering what to do and when I saw her sitting on the top of the stairs in a state of panic and anxiety I sat with her, held her hand and I began to pray the novena to the Sacred heart of Jesus, st.michaels prayer and the memoare of St.Bernard, when I finished Audrey just vomited all down the stairs and all over me after which she felt much better. So having cleaned it all up I called the hospital and explained the situation.

A nurse answered and said she’d call back in half hour. Sure enough I got a call from a female lady who said she was a doctor and that I should take her in that she will be there expecting us to arrive. I said ok and that the latest Audrey could get there would be by 10pm. So off she went with my brother in his jeep and when they got there I got a phone call at exactly 10pm so I thought to myself as I picked up the phone “they must be there”.

When I answered the phone my brother said ” they were not expecting Audrey to arrive and they want to know what doctor you were talking to as there is no female doctor on at all nor was there a female nurse who remembers speaking with you”.

I was baffled and insisted I spoke with a female nurse and a female doctor. Anyways turned out it was a life saving decision we made to drive her to the hospital. Were those two females angels? Who knows…. all I know is I am thankful to God and Our Lady that Audrey went to hospital and is now in good hands.

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