Maria Divine Mercy: The Woman Behind the Curtain

Maria Divine Mercy: The Woman Behind the Curtain.

this excellent blog post exposes Maria Divine Mercy who is actually a false mystic or seer and has led many astray, I mean well over 100,000 people on the Internet have fell into her scam.



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One thought on “Maria Divine Mercy: The Woman Behind the Curtain

  1. bridon

    Vassula Defending Pope Francis & Warns About ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ The Warning.

    Is Pope Francis a False Pope? Is he Antichrist, THE Antichrist?

    Peope who read Maria Divine Mercy are not welcomed in
    TLIG …

    Two letters of warning about messages circulating on the internet from
    a false mystic named ‘Maria Divine Mercy’. The first letter is from
    Fr John Abberton and the second from Vassula.

    Some people are now doubting the TLIG messages because of their
    involvement with the false mystic ?Maria Divine Mercy?. Some of
    those people now believe that the Pope is false. I hope these words of
    Vassula now make the position clear. They did not want to hear it from
    me ? now they have it from Vassula. No one who believes that the
    pope is false is welcome on our pilgrimage. This is also from Vassula.
    If you are in touch with prayer groups please share this especially
    if you know people who are reading these false messages.

    Fr. John Abberton

    Ok. These people crave after sensationalism, future event, nothing
    more. This is called sensationalism. We had here in LA one lady who
    quarreled with Claire Mansour on exactly this issue even telling
    Claire that she is blaspheming against the Holy Spirit when she said
    to her that this woman is a false prophet especially about what she
    declares in her message about this Pope. I told Claire “leave her, she
    will wake up one day.” It took 2 days and she phoned back saying she
    was wrong and that this Pope is so holy.

    About our people they should stop reading false messages. This woman
    called Marie Divine Mercy is picking messages from: Garabandal, Don
    Gobbi, Sr. Faustina and TLIG to produce her ‘messages’. As for her
    predictions, they came after I had written them years back in TLIG.
    She started only 2010. All her theory of the meteors were also taken
    from TLIG from the prayer of 2006 and from the articles I wrote well
    before 2010.

    A simple way of finding how false it is, is the selection of her self
    proclaimed name: Marie Divine Mercy, WOW! Jesus respects the
    baptisimal name since baptism is one of the Sacraments of the church.
    A second thing: that this Pope is an antichrist and a false Pope,
    could they not see how he is in just a few days what sort of person he
    is? Third, I met him while in Argentina. He is a most kind man, simple
    and honest and humble. You will see what great things will come out of
    his hands, and I will not be surprised if he will bring forth the
    dates of Easter to be one.

    Most of the people look for signs, events, and that sort of
    excitement. Instead of looking inside them and what they carry. When
    they meet the Lord one day, what will they have to offer him, empty
    hands? If they say she is recommending prayers etc. why not? If she
    does not, then it will be easier for being detected! Still I would say
    to these people who like these messages, let them free to follow a
    false prophet, and when they see about the Pope that they were wrong,
    I don’t think they should come back to TLIG since TLIG has not
    accommodated them but had been read most probably to search for
    prophecies instead of changing their heart. It means that they have
    never appreciated the teachings of Jesus and the intimate love he has
    been giving us.

    You can pass on this email to any one you wish.

    In Christ,

    ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ . . . false prophet?!

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